Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Festivities & Felines: A Holiday Anthology - New Release

Festivities & Felines
A Holiday Anthology
Series: Cat's Paw Cove
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: November 10, 2020

★ Three holiday Tales in the Magical Town of Cat's Paw Cove ★

Does their love stand a ghost of a chance?
In 1943, a World War II bomber on a training mission crashed in a marsh near Cat's Paw Cove. According to local legend, on every Winter Solstice, mysterious lights appear near the crash site.  If budding photojournalist Casey Blessing can dig a story out of this myth, it could be the career boost she needs. But she can't do it alone. She partners with Thomas Hudson who claims to be an aviation historian. Casey is attracted to the enigmatic stranger, but his uncanny knowledge of the crash can't be just coincidence. Could she be falling in love with a ghost?

Music can make magic!
Quiet and introverted Elayne Fico wants to surprise her mom with songs her Nana used to play for Chanukkah, so she enlists the help of local music teacher, Bartholomew Pelfrey. Elayne doesn’t believe in Cat’s Paw Cove's alleged magic, but there’s something about her piano teacher that’s conjuring some serious sparks.
Barly Pelfrey knows something big is going to happen when a Sherwood cat seeks him out. After his divorce and figuring out life with his two girls and an ex, he’s ready for another chance at love. When he meets Elayne, he doesn’t need Pascal to show him the way. But when Elayne reveals that romance isn't in the cards for her, he has to prove that love is its own special kind of magic.

A FAE’S WISHMAS by Kira Nyte
All it takes is one wish.
Niera has a special Fae power that has dubbed her the Mystical Matchmaker, but despite helping others find their happily-ever-after, she lacks hope of ever finding her own. Until she arrives in a small town, is adopted by a magical cat, and dares to make a holiday wish.

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