Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Review - Dirty Secrets by Regina Kyle

Dirty Secrets
by Regina Kyle
Genre: Contemporary Romantic
Release Date: November 1, 2020

Her brother’s best friend is hotter than sin and she’s about to show up at his luxury apartment. After a lifetime of good behavior, will Connor Dow be able to resist the ultimate temptation on his doorstep?

In New York, the city that never sleeps, Gabrielle “Brie” Lawson can’t get any shut-eye. Not as a struggling actress and definitely not with her longtime crush, Connor, now so close to her bedroom. The devastating, gorgeous club owner has always been off-limits to her. But given that he’s letting her stay with him, that means…well, he might be open to reworking certain sexual boundaries.

With a little private time, Brie is determined to seduce him, cooking him romantic meals and prancing around in lacy lingerie. He shouldn’t expect a creative beauty to be hemmed in by virtue—or clothing. So it doesn’t take long for Connor to trade some late hours at the office for sultry nights with Brie. He seems tailor-made for her in every way. From his well-ordered life to messing up the sheets, there’s no one else. But would he risk losing his best friend—and his business—for a chance at true love?

I do love a good brother’s best friend story and Regina Kyle has delivered one with heart, heat, and humor. Add in opposites attract and forced proximity to the mix, as well as an awesome cover, this book had me from the first page!

Brie and Connor were such a great couple. I love how their friendship was just as strong as the chemistry between them and how they always seemed to give each other just what they needed. From Brie being there for lunch with Connor and his father, to Connor spending the day at a ComicCon event to support Brie, these two couldn’t have been more perfect for each other. Of course, Connor has a bit of a lapse in judgement near the end, but I totally loved how his epiphany comes about and probably would not have loved this book quite as much if it didn’t happen that way.
“Did I tell you how hot you were standing up to my father?” I whisper the words in her ear, not willing to incur the wrath of Linda and risk getting tossed out of the car in the middle of Sunday matinee traffic. I bet she wouldn’t even bother to slow down.

“You did.” Brie’s purse slips down her arm, and she lets it fall to the seat beside her. “But I don’t mind hearing it again.”

“And no one’s done that for me in a long time? I think the last person was your brother, back in high school. And he wasn’t anywhere near as sexy as you.”

Brie lets out a snort that would be unladylike in other circumstances but she somehow makes endearing. “I’d be worried if you thought he was.”

It wouldn’t be a good brother’s best friend story without the big brother who has to get in the middle of things – of course in this case it was not only Brie’s brother Jake, but also his fiancĂ© Ainsley, who were taking bets on what was going on with Brie and Connor. I loved how supportive Jake was, but also how he still was protective of Brie. And I loved how Ainsley was always in Brie’s corner, encouraging her to go for what she wanted.

Although this book was a quick read, Ms. Kyle was able to bring emotions to the characters. I loved the witty banter as well as the meaningful dialogue between the characters, and also loved the emotional connection that the author was able to bring to all the steamy scenes as well.

I am just loving these Harlequin DARE romances and Regina Kyle delivers everything that this sexy romance line promises!

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book I received from the author.

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