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Review - Second Thoughts by Mindy Klasky

Second Thoughts: A Hot Baseball Romance
by Mindy Klasky
Series: Diamond Brides, #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Sports Romance
Release Date: May 30, 2014

Photographer Jamie Martin gave up her fast-paced New York career and moved to slower Raleigh, NC to raise an unexpected blessing: her daughter Olivia. Desperate for clients, Jamie is thrilled to land a job with the Rockets baseball team...until she discovers she must work with her ex-fiancĂ©, who doesn't know he's fathered her child. 

Career-driven second baseman Nick Durban broke up with Jamie at college graduation so they both could follow their dreams. Seven years later, he gets a reality check when he learns about Olivia. 

Jamie is so determined to keep Nick out of her life that she tries online dating, never dreaming he is her perfect electronic match. Can this out-of-sync couple get past their second thoughts and learn to trust each other again?

I’m such a sucker for a second chance romances, and when you throw the sports theme on top of it I’m sold! This was another quick, fun read in the Diamond Brides series that had me turning the pages and smiling to get to the happily ever after.

When Nick breaks up with Jamie right before college graduation, neither of them ever really moved on. And when fate lands them both back in Raleigh and brings them together again, Nick is sure surprised to find out that Jamie has kept a real big secret from him for the past 7 years…the fact that he has a daughter. As these two try to navigate around the old feelings that still exist between them, Jamie also needs to figure out what to do about their daughter – if she can trust Nick to be part of Olivia’s life and not hurt her.
“Jamie?” Nick said, and she heard the dark challenge in his voice, the fire beneath his words that matched the gleaming copper of his hair.

She shook her head. “No. You don’t have the right. You don’t have any rights at all. You’re the one who walked away.”

He closed his eyes like she’d slapped him, and he kept them closed as he said, “This is different.”

“How?” There she did still have some anger to draw on. It scorched that single word like wildfire. She let a little more of her rage bleed into her voice as she said, “Is it different because there’s an innocent child you can walk away from now? I don’t trust you, Nick. I’ll never let you hurt Olivia the way you hurt me.”
And when an online dating service match-up goes awry, Nick and Jamie spend a night together…only the next morning brings to light lies and half-truths that threaten to keep these two apart.

I really enjoyed Nick & Jamie’s story. They were both great characters. Jamie was awesome as a single mom. She did whatever she had to in order to raise her daughter right, which is what ultimately landed her back in Raleigh. Nick knew that he screwed up, and even though youth was part of the factor, he ultimately owned the fact that his decision was made for selfish reasons. You could tell that their love story didn't really end with their college years, and it seemed to me that the two of them were better in a lot of ways by the seven years spent apart…except for where Olivia was concerned, but even though I may not have made the same choices that Jamie did, I can understand what led her to her decisions regarding Olivia.

I think my only complaint with this story would be that the ending seemed a bit rushed…there was conflict and then – boom – all was forgiven and we moved right to the HEA. But even so, I still really enjoyed this book and will continue on with the series. If you like quick reads with a bit of conflict, a bit of sexy, and a whole lot of sweet, then this is a series to check out.

I received this book from the publisher through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.

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