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Review - Taste by Cambria Hebert

by Cambria Hebert
Series: Take It Off, #9
Genre: Romantic Suspense/New Adult
Release Date: July 28, 2014

One taste is never enough…

Spencer Waller’s main purpose in life is to protect and serve. After spending years in the military, he gets a coveted spot on the Secret Service detail protecting the president. Spence doesn’t have time for women or all the work having a relationship with one requires. But just because he isn’t looking for a lady doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate a beautiful one when he sees her.

And he makes it a point to see one in particular every single day.

Elle Bond has literally chopped and fried her way to the top of the food chain. Earning a coveted position in the White House as the president’s personal chef, she figures her professional life can only get better. Her personal life, on the other hand, could use a little bit of an overhaul, and because of that, she tries to ignore the charm-dripping cookie thief every time he comes into her kitchen. After all, she knows better than anyone that just one taste of something good is never enough.

One night after work, Elle is assaulted, threatened, and given an ultimatum. She can’t go to the police, and she sure as hell can’t do what she was ordered.

But she has to. Or else.

Pale, shaken, and scared to death, Elle confides in Spence, and his protective instincts take over. Together, Elle and Spencer have to uncover a sinister plot and stop it before someone ends up dead.

I really enjoyed this book and love the recipe that Cambria Hebert has put together for her books in the Take It Off series. Much like the chocolate chip cookies that are featured in this book, the story was sweet, a little gooey in the middle, just the right size, and leaves you with a smile when you are finished eating, er, I mean reading! Oh, and let me add that you also want to go back and have more when you are done!

I loved Elle & Spencer. Elle is everything you want in a heroine. In spite of the fact that she is young, she has managed to work her way up the cooking ladder to land a pretty impressive job at the White House, all the while managing to be a great single parent to her two year old son. Spencer was a bit cocky and arrogant, which probably goes along with being a Secret Service agent, but once you experienced those dimples and his southern charm, it was easy to look past those traits and see the sweet, caring guy that he was.
“I’m not trying to rush you into anything. I’m just saying I want you. I want to know everything about you, and if and when you decide it’s okay, I’d like to know Jack, too.”

My lips parted. “Most men don’t want anything to do with another man’s child.”

“I’m not most men,” he replied. “And Jack isn't some other man’s child. He’s yours.”
Spencer had all sorts of sexy going on. From his alpha traits, to his straight-forward approach with Elle, it was easy to fall for him. I liked the fact that he didn't carry any emotional baggage around, and apart from just being busy with his career and waiting for the right person to enter his life – or as he puts it, wanting to make room in his life for someone – he really is just a great guy.

This book had a bit of everything I like – a sweet romance, some good suspense, a bit of action, some steamy times, and a hero and heroine that were easy to like. I liked the fact that the angst was kept to a minimum, but that was done without sacrificing any of the emotion of the characters. The addition of Elle’s two-year old son Jack added another dimension to the story and just added to the appeal. This was another great read by Cambria Hebert that kept me smiling all the way through!

I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.


  1. thank you so much for posting!! I appreciate it!

  2. You are very welcome, Cambria! I really loved the book and can't wait to read more (I have a few earlier ones I have to get to!). Your writing just makes me smile!


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