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Review - Uninhibited by Melody Grace

by Melody Grace
Series: Beachwood Bay, #4; Callahans, #2
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: July 21, 2014

He’ll teach her a pleasure beyond her wildest dreams…

Alicia Wright isn't the kind of girl to make out with a stranger in a dark alley. She’s spent years playing it safe, pining after the perfect man – who’s about to marry someone else. She doesn't know how to move on, until a sexy stranger turns her world upside down with a wickedly tempting proposition…

She’ll rescue him from the edge of oblivion…

Rock star Dex Callahan swore his days of fame and debauchery were behind him, but the spotlight keeps calling his name. Determined not to fall into his old life, he goes looking for distraction -- and finds an intoxicating red-head with a mouth made for sin. One kiss could never be enough, so Dex offers her a deal: spend one week with him, and she’ll forget her old flame ever existed.

Together, they’ll ignite a passion that will change them forever…

No rules. No limits. As the whirlwind week of pleasure unfolds, Alicia discovers a desire she never knew existed – and the tortured heart Dex hides behind his charming smile. But can old loves so easily be replaced? And when the week is over, will their bond be strong enough to weather the storm?

Melody Grace returns with her sexiest book yet!

*This book contains adult situations and explicit content. 17+*

UNINHIBITED is part of the Beachwood Bay series, but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.


I absolutely loved this story. I was hooked from the first page and couldn't wait to get to the end to see how things would turn out for Dex and Alicia. The story was sweet, the characters were amazing, and I loved every dirty word that came out of Dex’s mouth! What I loved most of all was watching the characters deal with the issues they've been carrying around – Alicia’s unrequited love and Dex’s guilt – and seeing how they helped each other come to terms with those issues and start to heal.

For Alicia, she has always had a fairy tale vision of what love should look like, and has been in love with her best friend forever. And even though he is now getting married to someone else, she just can’t seem to move on…until she meets Dex and shares one steamy night with him. Even thought that night has changed her, she tries to fight it…because Dex couldn't possibly be fairy tale material – it just couldn't be that easy, could it? And as all of her friends have either gotten married or are in relationships, she is really feeling the loneliness set in.
I've managed to push my yearning aside for so long, to live with my loneliness as best I can. I fill my evenings with work and social engagements, plan my weekends so there’s barely a moment to think. But it still comes creeping in, on a rainy Sunday morning when I’m snuggled alone on the couch, or a perfect summer’s night, when all I see are happy couples crowding the park around me.

I want that, too. An arm draped around my shoulder, someone stealing half of the newspaper. A partner in life, the intimacy that comes from knowing somebody so well – their heart. Their body.

Their soul.
Dex had all sorts of sexy going on – bad boy rock star, hot as all get out, and he could dirty talk the pants off of anyone! From the first moment he sets eyes on Alicia he just knows she’s the one that can help save him from himself…of course Alicia has other ideas and runs after their night together, and even when she finally calls he needs to convince her to his one week, no strings offer…
“Don’t back out now,” Dex says softly. “Or you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering what might have been.”
What I loved most about their relationship is that both Alicia and Dex see deep into each other to the person that exists below the surface, and Melody Grace does such a wonderful job transferring that to the written page. From the tender moments and sweet conversations, to helping each other learn how to live life…
“But you need to learn to trust what you feel. To take what you want. When it comes to matters of the heart, I’d always rather regret the things that I do than the things I didn't.”
…and to the steamy times that had a lot of dirty talking and hot love scenes, I immediately connected with the characters and became wrapped up in their story.

Of course there were bumps and problems that arose in their relationship, and both Dex and Alicia make some mistakes, but watching Dex and Alicia find themselves and then each other was such an emotional and satisfying journey.

I have not read any of the other books in this series and didn't feel that it impacted the story at all. Of course after reading this one I am now a fan and will be sure to go back and start at the beginning to enjoy the entire Beachwood Bay/Callahan series. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fabulous love story that has lots of sweet, tons of steam, and makes you smile from the first to the last page.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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