Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blog Tour, Character Spotlight, & Giveaway - The Life Gift by T.R. Lykins

The Life Gift
by T.R. Lykins
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: September 30, 2014

**** This is a companion novel to Last Heartbeat ****

Kristen believed her parents were truly happy and wanted a marriage like theirs. She really didn’t know anything about their relationship until she was leaving for college. That’s when they dropped a heartbreaking bombshell on her.

They only stayed together to make her happy. Now, she thinks she is the reason for their unhappiness, can she trust love?

Does love even last anymore?

Her new college roommate, Alexia, changes her mind about love. Seeing how fast Alexia falls for her dreamy guy Phillip, and how fast that dreamy guy falls for Alexia, she then realizes that maybe love could happen in her life!

Now, Kristen has to change her ways and open her heart up for love. Can Kristen do that after watching her parents live a lie for so many years? Hoping she can find her true love and not get hurt, Kristen thinks she can find him out there somewhere, but where?

One tragic moment happens to her friend and it makes her realize that life could end in a blink of an eye. Kristen makes a life decision that affects her and her friends.

Can she go through it?

This gift is the greatest gift she can give to her best friend, Alexia. Nine months of her life is a long time to give up for your friend.

Will this sacrifice be truly appreciated and will Alexia be able to take care of her precious gift?

Character Spotlight

Alexia (Last Heartbeat)
Strong! Loving! Beautiful!  What more can you ask for?  Sickness happens suddenly!  Changes Alexia’s life forever!  Can she hang on just a little longer until help comes her way?

Phillip (Last Heartbeat)
Handsome! Strong! Has everything going his way!  Tragedy hits and changes his life forever!  Can he move forward and except what happened in his past?

Alexia and Phillip both have fear of the past that has them both afraid to move forward.  Will the past come back to haunt them both in the future?

Kristen (The Life Gift)
Strong-willed! Best-friend! Beautiful!  Kristen is a small town girl running away from her past.  Can she get over what she is running from?  Will she ever love anyone?

Jacob (The Life Gift)
Player! Eye-candy!  Jacob doesn’t care whom he hooks-up with.  One-night is all you get with Jacob. Until!  Who could tame this player?  Will he be what this person needs him to be?
Kristen and Jacob both run headstrong into each other, but what they find, will that keep them together?  What Kristen asks Jacob to do with her, will this change his mind and send him away from her?

The Life Gift and book one, Last Heartbeat, are ON SALE throughout the tour.

The Life Gift

The Last Heartbeat

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