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Cover Reveal & Giveaway - Destined to Meet by Jourdyn Kelly

Destined to Meet
by Jourdyn Kelly
Series: Destined, #3
Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy
Release Date: November 8th, 2014

With the support of her faithful Hunters, Anala travels home for the first  time in centuries. After six hundred years of living, what could possibly be out there that she hasn't seen? What she finds will shock even her.

We met Anala and her eclectic group of Hunters in Destined to Kill. We experienced their pain in Destined to Love. In Destined to Meet, Anala will face her past, present and future all at once. Will she survive the journey? Will her Hunters? And, what will Anala choose to do when she finds out the Society of Hunters and her parents’ legacy are in jeopardy?

This is the final book in the Destined Series. Follow Anala and her Hunters in their final quest to see how it all ends.

As I pace around the mediation room, I'm totally aware of the irony that the room that is used to soothe feels like a cage to me.

"Baby, you need to calm down," Sam soothes. "C'mere." He holds out his arms, and I immediately fall into them, welcoming the strength.

"I know I'm being stupid," I begin.

"Not stupid," he assures me. "She knows perfectly well that we're together. If anyone is being foolish, it's her."

"Hmm," is my noncommittal answer. Truth is, I feel foolish. I feel like a damned teenager and not a six-hundred plus year-old vampire that has been through so much in the past centuries. I've lived through losing my parents, plagues, wars . . . and the one thing that brings me to the brink of losing myself is jealousy.

Actually, it's me.

Sam's voice in my head startles me out of my reverie.


"Jealousy isn't what's causing you to feel out of control. It's me," he states quietly. When I gaze into his eyes, I see the different emotions he's struggling with. Love, loyalty . . . guilt. Guilt?

I place my palms on his face, and stroke my thumbs sweetly on his cheeks. "Why do you feel guilty, baby?"

"I'm not sure." He tries to turn away, but I hold him closer and wait patiently for him to continue. "Your humanity is in jeopardy because of me."

"That's not true."

"Sure it is. Before me, you had control. You had . . . "

"Nothing," I finish for him. "I was ready to die, Sam. This life, this never-ending life had become too . . . lonely. I've watched people die all around me. I never let anyone close enough to feel anything because I couldn't handle it anymore. That is what was making me lose my humanity, baby."

I reach up and kiss him lightly on the lips.

"We'll work on this jealousy thing. Actually, we need to work on the amazing connection thing that's going on. It's wreaking havoc on my senses."

Sam chuckles lightly. "Mine, too. Luckily for me I'm not dealing with someone else trying to get with you since . . . ," his voice trails off, and I know he was thinking of Zac. He pulls me into a hug, holding on tight until we were interrupted by the others pushing their way into the room.

"Okay, we got the . . . are we bothering you?" Jenna comments sarcastically when Sam and I break apart abruptly.

"Where is Tania?" I ask, ignoring her question.

"We sedated her," Amanda answers tentatively. "And kinda sorta tied her to the bed."

Laughter kinda sorta bursts out of me at that visual. "Well, at least we don't have to worry about her getting away and telling the Priestess that I'm a vampire," I say. "Let's sit." I gesture to the pillows that litter the floor, and try to find the words to explain to them what my dilemma is.

"The feelings are too strong for you, aren't they?" Emily asks, surprising me by her perception.


"Wait, what does that mean?" Jenna asks, leaning back on her hands and crossing her ankles in front of her.

"It means that if I try to compel Tania, I may kill her," I answer factually.

"Oh my God, seriously?" Amanda leans closer to me, taking my hand in hers. "How? I mean, would you be telling her to kill herself?"

"No! You know me better than that, Amanda."

"If I may?" Eric addresses the room, and continues when I nod. "When you compel someone, you're using the power of your mind to control theirs, correct?"


"With Ana's feelings towards Tania, she could override her brain, possibly, um . . . "

"Frying it?" Jenna suggests with a smirk.

"Essentially," I admit.

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Destined to Kill (Book 1)

Destined to Love (Book 2)

Currently living in the Houston area, Jourdyn spends her time writing, designing websites and caring for what she equates as a zoo with 3 dogs, 2 cats, a bearded dragon, 2 frogs and 2 turtles and an axolotl. In the recent years, she has changed her lifestyle to include working out and eating right. She now competes in triathlons, will run her second half-marathon in early 2015, and loves Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing and Krav Maga.

Jourdyn loves bringing her characters out for everyone to meet. Her goal is to keep writing in many different genres, as she feels there shouldn't be anything limiting writers.

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