Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review - When You Make It Home by Claire Ashby

When You Make It Home
by Claire Ashby
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 12, 2014

Meg Michaels, a bookstore owner, has already walked away from two cheating exes. She’s learned her lesson and has her mind set on success—until she gets knocked up. Embarrassed and unwilling to discuss her situation with friends and family, she wears layers to hide the pregnancy.

When Meg gets sick at a party, she’s mortified. Even worse, Theo Taylor, the guest of honor, discovers her secret. Theo, an Army medic wounded in the war, agrees not to reveal her condition, and the two forge a bond of friendship that blossoms into love.

Theo is soon filling all of Meg’s late-night cravings—and not just the pregnancy-induced ones. But can their love overcome all the obstacles that stand between them and creating a happy family?

What an emotional read! When two people come together but are pulled apart by issues from the past…wow…this one packs an emotional punch.

So we have Meg, who owns a bookstore with her brother – I know, how cool is that?!! She’s a bit damaged from her past relationships and her family history, and when she finds out that she’s pregnant she is mortified and ashamed to admit it since the circumstances around the pregnancy will certainly cause some gossip and speculation, and frankly, the father is not someone who can be in the picture and she is fine with that…she’s just not fine with the entire town passing judgment on her…again!

Then there’s Theo – sweet, sweet, Theo. Wounded in the war and suffering from his own demons, he forms a bond with Meg – mainly based on the “why do you care what anyone thinks, I accept you the way you are and everyone else should do the same” platform. This bond leads them down a road to a relationship that’s full of obstacles and issues that they both must face – together and alone – and find out if their love is strong enough to see them through.

Theo was so perfect for Meg at a time when she needed someone to help her snap out of her denial and embrace her pregnancy. I loved how he brought that side out in Meg and really helped her embrace her impending motherhood. Unfortunately he is also struggling with his recovery from his war wounds and is prone to mood swings and can sometimes just act like a jerk. When he realizes just how much he wants to be in Claire and her unborn child’s life, he knows he needs to take steps to get better. Claire is also struggling with abandonment issues – her mother walked out when she was very young, her fiancĂ© took a job overseas and left her – so Claire must fight her own demons and realize that she deserves to be loved and will be a good mother.

The supporting cast of characters was great and so diverse. From Claire’s family and friends to the employees at the bookstore, there were so many personalities and different things going on that it’s hard to believe the entire story was contained in one book.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one – it got me a bit emotional, gave me reason to laugh, and helped continue my belief that there truly is a happy ever after out there for everyone.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Aw that sounds lovely :) He really sounds like a great hero. I totally melt for guys like that.

  2. He really was a great hero and watching him struggle to get there just made him all the more special.


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