Monday, December 8, 2014

Review - The Off World Cookbook by Rebecca York

The Off World Cookbook
by Rebecca York
Genre: Cookbook
Release Date: November 29, 2014

Do you ever want to know more about the background and environment of the characters in a story? Here's a chance to find out more about Rebecca York's Off World novellas and short stories. Like what do the heroes and heroines in these science-fiction romances really eat? And where did they get the recipes? Or are they foraging for their supper in the forests, fields and streams of strange planets?

It's fun to envision these future meals in strange environments and more fun to duplicate the dishes here on Earth--even the Farlian Celebration Cake pictured on the cover.

Some of the recipes, like the Backcountry Quick Bread from Assignment Danger, feature native foods, which you've never encountered. But you can make easy substitutions with ingredients found at your local grocery store.

Others like the Roasted Summer Vegetables or Cheesecake that the colonists on Jalar enjoy or the Fresh Cherry Compote made from the trees on Caleb Raider's farmstead in Nightfall are made with ingredients originally brought from Earth and carefully cultivated in their new environments.

Some, like the Grilled Steak with Peppers and Onions from Conquest, are a blend of native and Earth traditions.

Each of these dishes is rich with the atmosphere of another time and place. Try them in your own kitchen. They'll give you an--ahem--taste of what we have in store in the future when we venture into the unknown worlds of the galaxy and beyond.

This is such a fun cookbook! I love the idea of tying the recipes in to the stories that Rebecca York has written. The narratives that accompany each recipe letting you know the origin of the recipe, how it ties to a character, where the ingredients originated from, and/or how it ties in to the world that the story takes place in add so much to the recipes and make me want to know even more about each of these planets.

Although all the recipes sound yummy, I have to say my favorites come from those originating from the book Nightfall. From the time-saving recipe Unstuffed Shells to the Buffins (a drop type biscuit that you cook in a muffin cup) and especially the Fresh Cherry Compote, I can definitely tell that if given a choice, Palomar would be where I would head (of course Palomar being an all-male colony looking for brides makes it even more interesting of a destination!)

Of course I think I would need to stop in and visit the world from Ms. York’s upcoming release Assignment Danger where there is a most wonderful sounding dessert that I think will find its way to my holiday table this year – Fruit Tarts served in a White Nut Crust (a nut based crust that sounds so easy to make and it says has a marzipan taste – yummy!).

There’s a nice diversity in recipes and I guarantee no matter what kinds of food you like there is something in here for everyone. And again, I just love the tie in to the books – what a great cookbook!

I received this book from the author for an honest review.


  1. This was my first one to review and it was so much fun with the book tie-in and all the yummy recipes!


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