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Guest Post - Holly S. Roberts

Today I am so excited to have Holly S. Roberts on the blog with a guest post. Holly writes some pretty hot books and I recently had the pleasure of reading the fourth book in her Completion series, Slam (click here to go read my review!) All the books in the Completion series are sports related, and Slam focused on a tennis star and her bodyguard...and let's just say these two knew how to serve it up!

Holly was kind enough to agree to stop by the blog today and talk a little about one of the harder aspects of her job: Research.

Thanks, Holly for coming by today! Can't wait to hear about some of your, ummm, struggles when it comes to your research....

Research: Can Be A Very Dirty Word
By Holly S. Roberts

One of my favorite things about being a writer is researching my next book. When you write hot, alpha male, sports characters it’s also a dirty job. But what’s a girl to do?

Ana Ivanovica
Slam, my new Completion Sports Book, is a bit different. I decided on tennis and a female athlete. Hmm. Oh yeah, I also have THE alpha male of alpha males but he happens to be her bodyguard. So back to tennis... I actually had no idea the ladies of tennis are so freaking hot. Dominika Cibulkova, Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, Ana Ivanovica, and don’t forget U.S. and international superstar Serena Williams. I’m really into book boyfriends but these ladies rock a short skirt.

John Isner
My friends probably think I’m batting for the other team because so many of my Pinterest pics are sexy female tennis players. I’m a visual gal so what can I say? Okay, I did spend some time drooling over the men. Rafael Nadal you need to wipe my saliva off your chest. John Isner I want to go with you to the No Shirt, No Pants, No Problem Club.

Rafael Nadal
As you can see, research is a great tool to brighten any cloudy day. Tennis was especially fun when I looked up popular game terms. Here are my favorites:

Dead rubber – Not to be confused with a broken condom.
Grinding – I get hot and sweaty just thinking about this one.
Slam – It makes a great book title.
Inside out / Inside in – Mmm, we won’t go there.
Jamming – Tennis or the bedroom, this is usually painful.
Spank – Kind of fun.
Sweet spot – Every girl knows this is important.
Tweener – I keep confusing this one with a nooner.
Love – My absolute favorite.

See what I mean… tennis was made to wet a reader’s appetite. Now that “Slam” has published, it’s time to think about a new sport. So far I’ve covered football (Play), baseball (Strike), and rugby (Kick); what sport should I tackle next? Basketball maybe or what about some water polo?

I’m getting this research started!

Thank you Margaret for having me on your blog. I hope there is a sweaty sports star in your future or at least a hot dream about one!

Holly S. Roberts is the USA Today Best-Selling Author of Play and the award winning author of the Completion Series and Club El Diablo Series. Under her paranormal pen name, D’Elen McClain, she writes the Fang Chronicles. As her crime fighting persona, Suzie Ivy, she writes fiction and non-fiction about her life as a police detective. You will find her high in the Arizona Mountains with her husband and two precious dogs causing havoc while she types away.

by Holly S. Roberts
Series: Completion, #4
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: January 27, 2015

Olivia Stradmore, daughter to Senator Jonathan Stradmore, has one goal in life—win her fifth grand slam tennis title in as many years.

Olivia doesn't have time for problems with a stalker who disapproves of her less than modest life choices. She enjoys the occasional tennis pro in bed, short skirts, and the chance to allow her wild side out.

Her dreams take a turn when her stalker, known only as Ty, runs over her with a van and puts her in the hospital. Ty will stop at nothing to possess what he covets.

Enter bodyguard Brack Jacobs—hair too long, attitude too uptight, and body too damn hot.

Brack has a job to do and sleeping with a target is not in the target’s best interest. Doesn’t matter that Olivia is sexy as hell and bent on adding a notch to her bedpost with Brack’s name on it.

Life is not as straightforward as it seems and deadly consequences await them both.

Can Olivia change Brack’s mind and turn a spark of desire into a raging inferno? Will Brack survive the flames or would slam, bam, thank you ma’am be his safest bet?

- A Completion Sports Book. Expect erotic sex, an alpha male, and more balls than a girl knows what to do with.


  1. I greatly enjoy Holly Roberts' books and she post to this blog is just as fun and engaging.

  2. Slam is my first as well - and I'll definitely go back and grab the others! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This was a fun post! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Loved this book and it's a great addition to theater 3 completion books. I can't wait for the 5th........hint hint!!! Lol

  5. I can't decide on which one I want to go back and read first - they all sound great...but I think I may have to grab the rugby book first!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Kick was the first one I read and I fell in love with Van. All of them are greatvandboncebyouvr read one you will want the rest. 😀


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