Friday, July 15, 2016

Magic and Mayhem Kindle World New Release and Giveaway

Robyn Peterman's
Magic and Mayhem Kindle World
15 Authors ~ 1 Hilarious World
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 20, 2016

It all began with 

NEW RELEASES in the Magic and Mayhem Kindle World!!!

Sh*t My Witch Says by Michele Bardsley

A cursed witch, a grumpy bear shifter, and a sarcastic ghost must work together to save the supernatural town of Wild, Texas.
What could go wrong?

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Witchin’ in the Kitchen by Kris Calvert

Enchanted love that last through the ages isn’t always a piece of cake.

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Witched to Death by Deanna Chase

There are worse things than being a ghost summoned from New Orleans to Asscrack, West Virginia… especially when you wake up mortal, naked, and in the arms of the oh-so-sexy Diesel Jacobs.

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Witch in the Attic by Claudy Conn

Dilly of Rucker finds that not only is she a ‘key’ in the wind, but a witch on the prowl.

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The Seven Year Witch by Melinda DuChamp

Insecure. Overweight. Supernatural. Look out NYC, here comes…

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Witch and Were by Eliza Gayle

Witches can’t shift, so why the hell am I looking at a wolf in the mirror?

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Witchin’ Impossible by Renee George

What happens in Paradise Falls—follows your ass around for the rest of your life.

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When You Witch Upon a Star by Melanie James

I’m sure to find at least one hot Shifter to dig my stilettos into. Right?

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The Lie, The Witch, & the Warlock by Renea Mason

“Is it so hard to believe that you might fall in love without the help of magic?”

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How to Train a Witch by Donna McDonald

She’s the Jezibaba, not the Jezibooboo.
Sleeping with Professor Hottie is out of the question… or is it?

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Southern Howl by H.M. McQueen

When life goes haywire, shifting ain’t easy.

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A Witch Possessed by Isabel Micheals

One possessed witch, two horny ghosts, and a mystical kitty are on a mission to save the future of Magic…
Piece of cake.

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The Witch is In by Rose Pressey

Paranormal Paradise Spa and Resort – the place to get your paranormal mojo back.

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Any Witch Way by Lori Ryan

Saving magic should have been easy for the Boogeyman. Operative word: should.
Operative word: should.

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