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The Guardians of Ivalice by Laura Catherine @lauracatherinep - New Release and Giveaway @buoniamicipres

The Guardians of Ivalice
by Laura Catherine
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Release Date: June 24, 2017

On Ivalice, Prince Morgan has been living in the shadow of his twin brother and older sister. She will be queen one day and inherit the power of Spirit to protect their world and guard the other elements from harm. Morgan wants this power for himself and nothing will stop him from getting it, not even his family. With her dying breath, Queen Tamsin sends the elements to another world where Morgan cannot have them.

On Earth, Nix, Grace, Kendra and Phoebe are four ordinary teenage girls living normal lives where homework and boys are their biggest problems. That is until they absorb some strange glowing balls of light into their bodies and start controlling the elements.

Everything is about to change for these girls when the weight of an entire world is put on their shoulders.

In the centre of the room were four glowing orbs dancing around each other in perfect harmony, ebbing and flowing like beating hearts.

“The cloister of elements,” Adrian said, eyes bulging.

Tamsin stroked Adrian’s cheek. “Yes. I have been waiting to bring you here for a long time and I do believe you are all ready to receive this lesson.”

Morgan had been ready and waiting for years to see inside the cloister. He had asked his mother on many occasions, but was rejected every time.

Tamsin touched her necklace with dainty fingers. “Opening this door using the pendant is something you will be able to do when you are Queen, Helia. I brought you here today to show you the elements so you might understand their power and respect it. You are no better than these energies. Their individual power matches your own. Study them and tell me what you see.”

Morgan stepped closer, hand out stretched. The flickering red orb was inches from his fingertips, a strong heat emanating.

“Do not touch them,” Tamsin said and Morgan retracted his hand, glaring at his mother. He felt like a small child being scolded for trying to be involved in something only adults would understand.

I am not a child, he thought. I am powerful and smart, the best of Helia and Adrian’s qualities reside in me. I am the youngest and most capable. I should be the leader, the ruler of Ivalice.

Morgan had a vision for a future where people bowed down before him and worshipped the ground he walked on for his deeds. He would get the recognition he deserved.

Soon, he thought with a devilish grin. Soon my vision will be a reality.

Laura Catherine was born in Melbourne, Australia and spent most of her childhood creating fantasy worlds and talking to her invisible pet cheetah who ran along powerlines.

Her imagination has carried her through childhood where her mother read stories about fantasy worlds at bedtime. Never one to face reality, Laura spent a lot of time turning boxes into ships and castles.

Laura self-published her first novel, Djinn (2013), a Paranormal Romance, and the second in the series, Blooders (2015). Laura is currently working on the next instalment in the Djinn series, Bloodjinn, as well as a few other novels including the first in a new YA series, The Guardians of Ivalice.

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