Friday, March 22, 2019

First Love by Gillian Jones - New Release

First Love
by Gillian Jones
Series: Winning at Love, #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: March 18, 2019

Kami Sutherland is gorgeous and - if the rumours are true - a virgin.

That - and the fact she's my sister Eastlyn's best friend - should be enough to keep a guy like me from crossing any lines.

However, our glances, subtle touches, and feelings are evolving beyond just friendship and being running buddies.

Despite my sister's attempts to keep us apart, I only want Kami more.

I know I shouldn't crave her like I do, but she's too damn hard to resist.

Kami has an infectious smile, one I look for whenever she's near, one I want all to myself.

And as the years pass, it's all clicking into place: Kami wants me, too.

So, all bets are off.

There's no way I can resist making her mine.

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