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Review - Arrange Me by Katy Regnery

Arrange Me
by Katy Regnery
Series: The Arranged Duo, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 4, 2019

My name is Courtney Jane Salinger...
and I'm sick of games.

Sick of the Friday night bar-scene-cum-meat-market.

Sick of the boy-girl, man-woman, mars-venus, flirtation-without-expectation, game-playing nonsense.

Sick of awful dates and one-night stands, booty calls and guys who don’t call back, mixed messages or NO messages and—and—and...I'm sick of all of it.

I’m done.
I just can't do it anymore.
It's too hard, and worse: little by little, it's making me hard.
It's breaking my heart.

What do I want?
That's easy.

I want a house in suburbia with a white picket fence.
I want babies to buckle into a minivan.
But most of all, I want to be married.
I want a husband.

So I've made an important decision: I'm making my escape from the dating world and the single life.
I've filled out my application on and I'm putting my fate into the hands of experts.

Is it a little scary?
I mean, I have no idea who I'll end up with.
After all, I'm planning to marry a complete stranger.

But between you and me?
I can't wait.

Being arranged can't possibly be worse than being single.
Can it?

This “what could possibly go wrong” book had just the right mix of humor and heart to keep the pages turning and leave me happy for now and anxious to get my hands on the second book in this duo.

Courtney Jane Salinger probably represents almost all of us at one time or another – sick of the dating scene, just wanting to get started with her happy ever after. I’m not quite sure I would have opted for the “Arrange Me Too” option, but hey, after a few drinks, leaving your love life in the hands of some self-proclaimed experts might not sound like a bad idea to me either! Things do get complicated when Josh enters the picture, but she’s made a commitment to the “Arrange Me Too” program and she is sticking to it, especially since Josh has told her he can’t give her what she wants most – marriage. So complete stranger it is for Courtney Jane Salinger and she’ll figure things out once she gets to meet who is waiting for her at the end of aisle on her wedding day – what could possibly go wrong?!!
“What don’t you understand?” he asks.

“All of this,” I mutter with disgust. I pluck the straw from my drink because…more alcohol. Stat.

“All of what?” He puts the beer next to my elbow, and a twenty-dollar bill quickly replaces it.

“This!” I toss a thumb over my shoulder. “This meat market. This boy-girl, man-woman, flirtation-without-expectation, I-buy-you-dinner-you-put-out, game-playing bullshit.”

He raises his eyebrows at me. “Whoa. I’m—”

“It’s all a game, but it’s not fun, I insist, in a genuine rant now. “It sucks.”
This was a fun read that was easy to get through with some fun banter and dialogue between the characters. The characters had a realness to them that made them easy to relate to, even when I found myself disagreeing with their decisions. Courtney’s parents left much to be desired, but I just loved her aunt. And Dina…I love me some Dina! She’s that best friend we all need that helps us keep it real but is there to support us in the end no matter what – and I’m hoping there may be a book for her in the future (hint, hint!)

Being the first book of a duo, this did leave a lot of loose ends, but there was as definite happy for now with a healthy dose of “what could possibly go wrong” left for book two. Another great story from Katy Regnery!

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book I received from the author.

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