Monday, October 5, 2020

Beast by Nancy Chastain - New Release

by Nancy Chastain
Series: Internet Famous, #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 30, 2020

Today I killed a man I've always admired.

Super model fiancée, check.
Internet famous, check.
Bad boy rep, check.
Hate it all... double check.
I have worked toward the Championship since I was ten years old, doing whatever my publicist asked. I party with athletes, rock stars, models, actors, politicians— all the elite. When I walk into a room, people take notice and cheer.
But none of that makes me happy. Fame brought the followers, money, and a chance at a title, but it didn't bring me the one thing I truly wanted. Angel.
So when she walks into my gym, a few weeks before the biggest fight of my life, I see an opportunity to show her the man inside the Beast. Things don't go as expected, though.
To get the girl, I killed a man.

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Copyright 2020 @ Nancy Chastain

Waiting on my opponent to enter the ring, I bounce and punch to keep my muscles limber. This fight is the next step to becoming a champion, years of hard work validated by the big promotors with a win. This will launch my career to another level.

My opponent’s music starts, and I look in the direction he’s entering the ring. I catch a glimpse of a woman standing with her back to me, her dress sliding up her thigh as she bends to retrieve her bag from the floor, bright red ink peaks from under the hem of her form-fitting, yellow dress as it clings to her seductive curves, teasing me with a flash of what looks like a rose tattoo.

There is something familiar about her, if only she would turn around so I could see her face. I drag my attention away from the woman to concentrate on the task at hand: winning this fight.

“You have three five-minute rounds in this match, keep it clean. Touch gloves and come out swinging.” The referee tells us when he calls his fighters to the center of the ring.

The bell dings, and it’s time to go to work. The first-round ends with me connecting with a right, left, and an upper cut. My opponent falls to the mat, his head bouncing as it hits the floor. The referee begins to count him out. The crowd roars to life as I’m announced the Superlight Weight Champion.

I scan the crowd, trying to catch a look at the red head in the yellow dress. I push away from the reporters and make my way to the side of the ring. She’s gone; the chair where she had been is empty. I’m scouring the arena to no avail.

She vanished.

Kim Debois, my expensive, pain-in-the-ass publicist wiggles her finger in the air to get my attention. She’s done wonders for my publicity, but she is a force to be reckoned with. She walks up and shoves my pretend super model girlfriend, Amber Davis, into my arms.

Luckily, I see Amber falling in my direction and reach out to catch her in the nick of time. I may not like the girl, but I don’t want her to land flat on her face in front of all these people. I can’t stand the way Amber allows Kim to manipulate her and push her around to do her bidding. As if I could ever be with someone so weak.

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I’m a wild child trapped inside a responsible adult. I found a release for my fun loving disobedient self-inside my characters. I love tequila, dragons, and wizards. I have a collection of the mythical creatures that decorate my office. 

Finally allowing myself the time to go after a lifetime dream of writing. My characters are stubborn, strong, full of emotion and cuss like sailors. (Just like me.)  

I’ve always had an interest in paranormal. Reading anything and everything I can on the subject of psychics and mediums. The theory that the average human only uses ten percent of their brain has always led to the question of; What could a person be capable of if they tapped into the other ninety percent?

I enjoy meeting new people and spending time with them discussing books. If you see me online or in person be sure and say hello.

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