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Worth the Wait by Shannon Davis - New Release

Worth the Wait
by Shannon Davis
Series: A Southern Fairy Tale, #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 25, 2020

High school English teacher Claire Gibbs thought she’d found love but a broken heart was all she had to show for it. When her latest disappointment turns out to be a smooth-talking control freak, she swears off men. Although she couldn’t deny wanting the fairy tale—a happily ever after with Mr. Right—she was in no rush to date again.
Until she met Caleb.
Air Force officer Caleb Williams’ love life could be summed up in three words: crash and burn. All he wanted was to find a love that would stand the test of time. After a string of failed relationships with high maintenance drama queens, he gave up hope of finding someone special to share his life with and decided to fly solo.
But then he met Claire.
As fate keeps bringing them together, waiting for the right one might not take as long as they thought. Sparks ignite and passion flares as their dreams of finding true love become reality. But a possessive ex will stop at nothing to prevent their happily ever after. Will the one thing they’ve waited their whole lives for be destroyed at the hands of a killer?

Caleb traced down my arm with his fingertips and drew in a breath. “I’ll be deploying soon…” His eyes fell. “The thing is…” He lifted his gaze, his eyes blazed with emotion as his words trailed off again.

My lips parted as I felt my heart give a nervous jolt.

“Claire…” Caleb lifted his gaze. His eyes blazed with emotion.

My stomach churned with apprehension. As I studied his face, I felt a cry rising in my throat.

A muscle in Caleb’s jaw ticked as he brushed his fingertips across my cheek. “I don’t expect you to put your life on hold while I’m gone.” He swallowed, his face growing ashen. “As bad as I want you all to myself, I know it’s not fair to you if I’m not around.”

My brow creased as tears burned my eyes, the heaviness in my chest making it difficult to breathe. “What are you saying, Caleb?”

He licked his lips and let out a long breath. “I’m saying, you deserve someone who’ll be here for you. I don’t expect you to wait for me.” His voice cracked as a single tear spilled from the corner of his eye and hit the pillow. “While I’m gone, if you decide this isn’t what you want, I’ll understand.”

“Are you serious?” My heart clenched at his words. “You think this isn’t what I want? You think I could just turn off my feelings?” Water pooled in my eyes as my bottom lip quivered. “Caleb, no one has ever made me feel the way you do. No one’s ever been there for me like you. No one’s ever cared enough. But this is real. It’s something I can believe in.”

His eyes fixed on mine. “I love you, Claire,” he whispered. “I love you so damn much. But I understand this lifestyle isn’t for everyone.” He took my hand in his. “I should’ve been more upfront with you about my job, my duty. But I’ve been crazy about you since the day we met.” He blinked away another tear and squeezed my hand. “My whole life, I’ve been hoping to find someone like you. Someone kind, smart, beautiful, down to earth, real. Someone I could love.” He paused for a breath. “You are everything I’ve ever wanted, Claire. You’re everything to me.”

I raised up on my elbow and stared down at him. My heart was thudding against my chest. I took his face in my hand and brushed my lips against his. “You’re everything to me too. Don’t you know?” I let out a controlled breath and swallowed to force down the ball of emotions in my throat. “I knew what I was getting myself into from the beginning. I knew you’d have to leave. But it won’t be forever. I know you’ll be back. And guess what?” I gave him a soft smile as I fought back tears. “I’ll be right here. And you know why?” I brought his hand to my chest and pressed it against my heart. “Because you’re right here. So, why don’t you stop trying to analyze how this won’t work and start focusing on how it will.” My smile grew as I watched his eyes brighten. “I love you, Caleb Williams. You’re my Mr. Right. And I’ll always wait for you.”

Caleb pulled me over on top of him. A smile stretching his face. “Always?”

I grinned. “Always.”

“I’ll give you a lifetime to prove it.”

I lowered my lips to his. “You’re on, cowboy.”

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Shannon Davis grew up in Northwest Florida where she developed a love of writing as a young girl, keeping countless diaries and notebooks filled with short stories. After college, she followed her love of mathematics and became a high school math teacher. She retired from the classroom after nearly three decades to pursue her lifelong dream of writing.
A military wife and mother of three college-aged children, she and her husband reside in Georgia with their three dogs and four cats. When she is not writing, Shannon enjoys traveling, baking, and outdoor activities. An avid reader of women’s fiction and love stories, she is a sucker for happy endings. Her love of the south coupled with romance is evident in her debut novel, Worth the Risk.

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