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Alive At 5 by @AuthorLindaBond - #99Cent Sale Blitz and #Giveaway @Barclay_PR

Alive At 5
by Linda Bond
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 1, 2014

Description: TV news reporter Samantha Steele is one panic attack away from losing her job. Future on the line and cameraman in tow, she follows her mentor on an exhilarating adventure vacation. When he dies while skydiving, her investigative instincts scream “murdered”, and lead her to gorgeous thrill-seeker Zack Hunter. Zack is an undercover police officer investigating his uncle’s death through the same adventure vacation company. Samantha is a thorn in his side the moment they meet. Not only is she investigating the same case, but the emotionally wounded loner doesn’t want another partner, especially one whose goal is to splash evidence all over the evening news. But Samantha’s persistence is quite a turn-on, and Zack’s overpowering desire makes it harder for him to push her away. When the killer turns his attention to Zack, Samantha might be the only one who can save him, forcing the anxiety-riddled correspondent to finally face her greatest fear.

     “Let’s do it.” Now they had to make this look real. Turning to face Zack, Sam suddenly realized the chemistry of the moment had stopped her anxiety from building. She was nervous, but it felt different today. “So, cave diving is inherently dangerous. Why do it?”
     He cocked his head and grinned like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. “I’m an adventurer.”
     Those simple words ignited heat in her belly. Or maybe it was that confident smile. She licked her lips.
     “I want to explore the unknown,” he continued, looking right into her eyes. “To seek out what I’ve never explored before. I want to run my fingers down a virgin passage, squeeze through a small opening. I may get stuck a few times, move back and forth, and work my way through, you know, into this mysterious place where I’ve never been. It’s magical.”
     Oh. My. God. She took a deep breath, her heart drumming like tiny, nervous fingertips. He was just playing with her. She had to remember that.
     “There’s no audience, no crowd.” He motioned to the sinkhole. “It’s your own personal achievement. The ultimate pleasure.”
     She started to ask a question. “But—”
     He cut her off. “I’m a man who loves beauty.” His gaze bathed her again, warming her with its intensity. “Very few people can say they’ve seen the light as it breaks through crevices in the rock, painting an underwater cave in a rainbow of colors.” He closed his eyes, the vision in his mind obviously blissful enough to raise his lips into a smile. “There are no computers, no phones, no interruptions.” He opened his eyes and stared deep into hers. “Do you know what I do when I’m in an unexplored cavern?”
     Her heart pounded loud enough in the silent pause she was sure her microphone would pick up the beat. “What?” She held her breath.
     “I leave my fingerprints all over the new territory, marking it as mine forever.”
     She exhaled. Jesus. He’s good.

 Linda Bond has a new release coming out soon called Cuba Undercover! 

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Here is a never before scene excerpt from Cuba Undercover featuring Zach and Samantha from Alive at 5!

     “Nicely done.” Zack Hunter was right beside her, tall as hell and commanding in his presence. “Sam sent me over to rescue you. But once again, looks like you can get out of an uncomfortable situation without much help.” He grinned down at her.
      Zack’s confidence reminded Rebecca a lot of Antonio’s strength and power. Her heart fluttered at the thought of Antonio. But Zack was a more flirty kind of guy, winking and grinning, very unlike Antonio, who was always so intense and serious. 
     “We’re over here.” Zack gestured toward the door to another room. 
     “Did you have a chance to check on the case for me?” Her cheeks heated. She knew she shouldn’t be putting Sam’s fiancĂ© on the spot. He was an agent for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and could get in trouble for talking to a reporter about information in an active case. 
     Instead of looking pissed, Zack just smiled. “Yes.” 
     Yes, and? “I know I shouldn’t ask you, but…”
     “You’re going to anyway.” Zack winked at her. “Sam warned me you would. Here’s what I can tell you. Off the record, of course.”
     “Of course.”
     “The FBI’s kidnapping case is still open.” Zack casually led her through the crowd, nodding as they passed people, looking cool and in control. No wonder Sam lived for this guy. “Since we can only assume the other kidnapper, the one caught on tape throwing you in the van here in Tampa, is dead in the waters of Cuba, and Antonio Vega is still in Cuba, the FBI’s case will remain open for a while, but I wouldn’t worry about it.” Zack’s eyes crinkled at the corners. “You were clearly the victim in all of this.” 
     Was I? She exhaled. “Well, right, I’m not in trouble. I just don’t want Antonio to be either.”
     Zack stopped dead in the middle of the room. “Really?” 
     Now her checks were flaming. One thing she’d left out of her documentary was her growing attraction to and relationship with Antonio. “Well, he has a family here now to support and…” In fact, she hadn’t shared all the details with Sam, either. 
     Zack threw up a hand. “Then your friend should stay in Cuba where our federal law officers have no jurisdiction.” Shaking his head, Zack motioned for her to move through the door first. “The man still masterminded a kidnapping that resulted in a murder.”
     “He didn’t kidnap me, Zack.” Rebecca wished she had proof of what happened to both Ignado and Antonio, but even Esmeralda hadn’t been able to get info from inside Cuba. Rebecca furrowed her brow, a slight headache coming on. 
     “You okay?” Sam walked up, handing Rebecca a much-needed glass of white wine. “You look stunning in your Alexander McQueen.” 
     “Oh, right.” Rebecca glanced down at her black rented gown. “Thanks.” She’d forgotten how excited she’d been to wear it here tonight. That was before her trip to Cuba and before Antonio. “I’m fine. Thanks for the wine.” She raised the glass in salute to Sam, Dallas, and Zack, her friends all gathering around her in support. “Salud. To a great night.” She must concentrate on what was good right now. 
     Friends, fame, and food. Unlike in Cuba, there would always be plenty of food here.
     Dallas rolled his eyes. “You get any happier, and that face is gonna fall off.”
     She sighed. Dallas nailed her with the truth. Once again. “I’m just feeling a little guilty.” Why not tell Sam the truth, too? “Antonio is probably being roughed up in some Cuban jail cell, skinny and sick.” 
     She turned to look at the man who would definitely understand. “And Dallas, we’re here, drinking and being celebrated for exposing his poor family on national TV.” There. She’d said it. “And if Antonio ever comes back to America, I’m the reason he’ll probably be arrested.”
      Zack Hunter cleared his throat. “You did nothing to seal that man’s fate. He’s a grown man who made his own decisions. You are a victim.” 
     Maybe in the beginning, but I became a willing participant. And now I miss Antonio. Damn it. She missed every damn thing about him. She especially missed the way Antonio made her question her every decision. He’d forced her to think. He’d been the force behind her growth. And she was a better person now for it. She felt enlightened.

Linda Bond is an Emmy award winning journalist by day and an author of romantic adventures by night.  She’s also the mother of five, four athletes and an adopted son from Cuba. She has a passion for world travel, classic movies, and alpha males. Linda currently lives in Florida, where the sun always shines and the day begins with endless possibilities.  You can become a Bond girl and share in her continuing adventures at

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