Monday, June 22, 2015

Review - Married in Montana by Kirsten Osbourne

Married in Montana
by Kirsten Osbourne
Series: At the Altar, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 16, 2015

Savannah is tired of the dating scene, even though she wants to get married and have a family. She knows her mother will never move on with her own life as long as Savannah is single. Savannah goes to see a matchmaker, specializing in setting up couples who meet at the altar. At first, she thinks Scott is a dream come true, but his blundering soon makes her crazy.

Scott, a Montana bison rancher, doesn't have time to find a wife. His work is all-encompassing. Besides, he tends to have a hard time getting women to go out with him more than once. When he runs into a matchmaker he's known all his life, he tells her about the problems he's had to see if she can help him. When he meets Savannah at the altar, his heart stops for a moment. She's exactly what he's looking for. Will their diverse backgrounds keep them apart? Or will they be able to work through their differences to make their marriage a loving relationship?

I just loved this modern day twist on the mail-order bride. It was so much fun watching Savannah and Scott try to carve out their life…especially when their first date was at the altar! This story takes us from New York to Montana where two people who have never met must carve out their new lives as husband and wife.

Scott and Savannah were a great couple – even though there were certainly some bumps in the road to them finding their way to happiness. Savannah has a bit of a temper and has no issues calling Scott out when he has some unrealistic expectations and does some pretty silly things. Scott is pretty clueless when it comes to romance, and even though he thinks he’s being a proper husband…boy does he have some things to learn. From unrealistic expectations that Scott has from his perception of his parent’s marriage, to Savannah’s lack of patience at time when it comes to Scott’s mis-steps, these two could certainly set off sparks. Scott could be very frustrating with some of his expectations, but he certainly more than made up for his gaffs as he and Savannah worked through the growing pains of their marriage.

The supporting characters were wonderful and really helped shape the story. Dr. Simpson, the founder of Matchrimony who paired the two up, was a great sounding board for Savannah as she tried to navigate some of the more serious issues that came up. Scott’s foreman, Jesse Fields, was great at letting Scott know just how far off the mark some of his ideas of romance were, as well as offering some insight into the past and the reality of the relationship that Scott’s parent had. I also loved Savannah’s mother – she always cracked me up, and I loved getting to see her find her own HEA.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and loved the storytelling and dialogue. This was a quick, light read that had minimal heat, but definitely lots of sparks between two characters that were trying to find their way in an arranged marriage. This is one I would recommend to just about anyone!

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