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Release Day Event & Giveaway - Grim Encounters by Holly Hood

Grim Encounters Release Day

Grim Encounters
by Holly Hood
Series: Ink, #4
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 21, 2014

Darkness is all around and Hope could be the next victim. Things just keep getting worse, but Hope's determination to save those that she loves is strong. Cherry is even more dangerous, and Hope is even more determined. She will fight to the bitter end to get her life back to the way that it once was. She soon realizes fighting for not just herself but those she loves is almost impossible. Especially against Kenny Carlo. When everything starts to fall apart she realizes just how far she must go to save it all. In the most sexy and fast paced book yet, Grim Encounters will leave you on your knees begging for more.

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Holly Hood is a Ohio native with a knack for writing dysfunctional adult romances.On the days when she's not writing she's probably engrossed in a good reality show, or spending time with her family. She loves Sunday family dinners, cooking out, and movie nights. She's a mother of four, and wife to a wonderful husband.

“Now is not the time. If we’re here it’s for a good reason.” He ran a hand down the back of his neck.

Kenny rested his glass on the table. “Listen to your boyfriend before you piss me off.”

I opened my mouth to say more but stopped.

“You think I give a shit about the bartender hearing you talk about the dead body in my trunk?” He cocked his head sideways, several heads turned.

“She’s done.” Slade touched my arm. “She won’t say another god damn thing.”

I shut my mouth when his hand slammed down on the table, the hand that killed my dad.

Kenny put an arm around me and pointed across the room. “See the blonde?”

I searched the crowd of drunks and found a skinny blonde wiping a table.

“She’s the girl who can bring your daddy back to life. Unless of course you’ve changed your mind and want us to dump him on the side of the road somewhere.”

I pulled away from his fingers toying with my hair. “I haven’t changed my mind.”

“Alright, work your magic.”

I waited for Slade to stand.

“Why can’t you go ask her?” I looked at Kenny. He made everything so complicated.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think about that.” He nodded at the bartender and took his glass. “Oh that’s right. She hates me.”

I sighed. “Doesn’t everyone?”

Slade interrupted us. “What’s the issue?”

“I sort of beat the shit out of her husband and threatened to make the rest of her life miserable.” He shrugged.

“And you think we can convince her to help?” I rolled my eyes. “By the way is there anyone that can stand you or do you like it that way?”

Slade shook his head.

Kenny raised an eyebrow. “I love how even though you know I hold your dad’s life in my hands you’re willing to talk shit to me. It’s kind of a turn on.”

I swallowed.

Slade sat his beer on the table. “I said we would help. I didn’t say I’d let you sexually harass my girl.”

“You call it sexual harassment. I call it foreplay.”

I grabbed my drink the sweat soaking my fingers. “What are we supposed to say to her?”

“Say whatever you need to, do whatever you need to. Just get her to agree to a meeting.” Kenny downed his. “And do it fast she’s off soon.”

  1. I share the same birthday with Prince William 
  2. My favorite band is One Republic 
  3. When I wake up in the morning I usually have one sock on and one sock off 
  4. I have four tattoos and they all are on my left arm 
  5. I am six feet tall 
  6. I am addicted to Pretty Little Liars 
  7. I don't use ketchup 
  8. I eat way too much salt 
  9. I get motion sickness if I read in the car 
  10. I have never broke anything 
  11. I've known my best friend since the third grade 
  12. I hate the sound of people chewing 
  13. I don't drink , like ever. Never has been my thing 
  14. I hate just about any winged bug and spiders 
  15. I love EOS lip balm 
  16. I shaved my head because I got tired of my hair and it's just now growing back 
  17. I bite my nails 
  18. My favorite color is teal 
  19. I love cows MOO! 
  20. My next tattoo will be a peacock in memory of my mom jr

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