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Review - Tempting the Ringmaster by Aleah Barley

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Tempting the Ringmaster
by Aleah Barley
Series: Big Top Romance, #1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 26, 2014

Welcome to Buck Falls, Michigan, where the gossip is fresh, the people are feisty, and the circus has pulled in for a limited engagement.

The last thing police chief Graham Tyler needs is a ragtag bunch of circus freaks rolling into town.

Then he meets sassy, spirited, ringmaster Belle-Anne Black.

Belle-Anne's got a rule against dating townies, and she's not about to break it... even for the spicy hot lawman who makes her insides sizzle. Then Graham makes her an offer she can't refuse: one night only, no repeat performances.

Of course, in the circus nothing ever goes exactly to plan.

The clowns were on the warpath. They’d been angry ever since New York – the Big Fumble – but things had gotten worse lately. Whoopee cushions in the office and whiskey bottles spilling out of their caravan every morning.

When a book starts off with an intro like that, you know you are in for a fun read – I mean how could a book with clowns in it not be fun? But there was also a lot more – lots of romance, lots of mystery/suspense, and some real colorful characters that drew me right in to the story from the first page (ok, it was the clowns, I admit it!)

I loved Belle and Graham. Belle has been looking for stability her whole life. She ran away from the circus to put down roots, and all she really wants to do is have a place to call home. Graham has come back to the small town he grew up in to be responsible. After running away to New York City and then enlisting with the Navy and becoming a SEAL, he feels a sense of obligation and duty to the people of Buck Falls – especially his brother’s widow and his nephew – and just wants to live up to everyone’s expectations. When Belle and Graham first meet, sparks instantly fly between them and you can tell they are just so right for each other. Of course Belle has been burned before by the local boy who only wants to use her, but when the circus settles in for a bit of an extended stay – thanks to Tiny the Elephant – they agree to a temporary relationship.

Of course even at the circus things aren't all fun and games, and it quickly becomes obvious that someone is out to sabotage the Black Shadow Circus. And when Graham thinks Belle might be in danger, he makes sure he does all he can to protect her. Of course when emotions run high and priorities must be re-evaluated, Graham and Belle find themselves with more than a big top between them. 

This was a really fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed! I loved the use of the circus as a backdrop to the story – it was so unique and allowed for the inclusion of some really colorful characters and issues that you normally wouldn't come across in any other story. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone!

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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  1. Because clowns are SCARY!!!!! lol That would totally have freaked me out there in the beginning. ::snort::

  2. You are too funny! And the clowns actually were pretty scary in the beginning...things weren't all fun & games at the circus! Fun read though - the circus was an interesting backdrop!


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