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Review - Past My Defenses by Wendy Sparrow

Past My Defenses
by Wendy Sparrow
Series: Taming the Pack, #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 23, 2014
Publisher: Entangled: Ignite

Vanessa is the fastest Lycan around. In wolf form, the only threat she can’t outrun is her allergies. After a feline dander-bomb takes her down, she wakes up naked in a cage staring at a hot park ranger who had no idea what he’d trapped. But ooooh, he smells so good. Mine.

Dane hoped to tame the silver wolf in his kennel, but all bets are off with the deliciously sweet Vanessa on two legs. Her temper makes his pulse race, and he can’t escape the feeling they belong together.

They’re hot as a forest fire even before they scent-match, but Glacier Peak’s Alpha considers Dane a danger to the pack. Meanwhile, Lycans are being poached, and Vanessa has been targeted. Dane will have to keep her close to protect her, but with Vanessa in heat and mad to mate, who will protect him?



“It’s not that long of a list.” Well, it was, but it could be longer…in theory.

He laughed in response. “I don’t even know what a couple of those things are.”

“Like what?”

“Annato seeds. And I don’t know anyone else who’s allergic to marshmallows.”
It’s one thing to have a long list of allergies, but it’s quite another when you are a werewolf! And for Vanessa, nothing is more embarrassing than waking up in a cage after having her wolf form taken down by Lucifer…the devil…cat, all because of those allergies! And to make matters worse, Dane, the forest ranger who found her and caged her, turns out to be her mate…and he’s a human, and it’s not going to be easy to get him to believe that she wasn't the wolf in the cage. Talk about having a bad day! Oh, and the fact that she’s currently in heat and can’t seem to keep her hormones from taking over…well doesn't that just add some extra fun...

For Vanessa, when things get difficult, she runs…except this time the lure of her mate has her rethinking her instinct to run. Throw into the mix the pack alpha who is thinking of making Vanessa the pack Alpha female, a poacher who his killed and has set his sights on Vanessa, and her mate who refuses to give in to desire because he wants to be sure that her attraction to him isn't just because she’s in heat…it’s a wonder why Vanessa hasn't already hit the other coast!
When she’d taken off, he’d practically pulled muscles trying to chase her. He was sure he’d really screwed up – and, okay, he had, but then she’d turned at the edge of the landscaped portion of the cabin’s yard, and the alarm in him settled. The rush of adrenaline had turned to arousal. His brain filled with what seemed like an arrogant and outrageous certainty: she was his.
I just loved this fun read. Although there wasn't a lot of steam on the pages, the tension was off the charts as Vanessa and Dane battled their attraction to one another. The mystery of the poacher and who was behind the killings was great and, although I had a feeling I knew whodunit, there were still some twists that kept me surprised and turning the pages.

I really enjoyed the world and characters that have been created, the human/lycan connection was a nice twist to the traditional werewolf lore. There were a lot of great characters introduced and I can’t wait to read more about the pack, especially Jordan and Travis.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review.

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