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Review - My Sweet Temptation by S.N. Garza

My Sweet Temptation
by S.N. Garza
Series: My Sweet Temptation, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 31, 2014

Tempting me to sin and sinning never tasted so sweet.

My name is Axel, and this is my story of how I became his. Only his. And how I desperately wanted him.

He walked in when I least expected it and turned every one of my doubts to ash. He made me burn. He made me ache. He made my body surrender to his every command.

Now I have to decide. To stay his, or to stay in the gilded cage I've lived in my whole life.

This was such a raw, emotional read with some really hot and steamy scenes (readers be warned – if you don’t enjoy erotica, then this book probably isn't for you!). The characters are real and at times unrefined, the story is, for lack of a better word, heavy, and the heat level is really hot!

We have Axel, our heroine (great name, right?), who is struggling just to get by. She’s had a pretty shitty life, and carries some pretty heavy emotional baggage brought on not only from the accident that claimed her mother’s life when she was a small child but also from the emotional detachment she experienced as she was shuffled from one foster home to another. But she’s a survivor - which is something I loved about her. She’s worked to provide and take care of herself, and never let her situation get her down.

Then we have Rhett – billionaire, brought up on the “right side of the tracks”, and knows what he wants and goes after it. After seeing Axel he knows he wants her and will do whatever he needs to have her. He doesn't come without his own emotional baggage though – his mother and father aren't up for any parent-of-the-year awards, and they think nothing of meddling and manipulating.

The pacing of the book was fast, which I think was a result of this starting out as a stand-alone novella, so the focus of the story was solely on Rhett and Axel and their relationship. It was interesting watching Axel try to reconcile the fact that someone “like Rhett” would want her, and I loved how she stood up for herself. My only complaint would be his term of endearment for her – “Little Girl” – just a personal dislike I have of that one. Otherwise I really enjoyed Rhett and Axel’s story….at least until the end, where I was yelling at my kindle “Where is the rest?!!!” I can’t wait to see what life brings for both of them in the next part of their story – please hurry!

I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.


  1. That sounds wonderful. I do love those steamy reads. Thanks for the heads up Margaret. I totally would have skipped it based on cover but sounds like one I'd enjoy.

  2. This was a good one - Garza does a nice job with the dirty talk and her characters are raw, not refined like you find so much of today. This one does end with a whole lot up in the air, so I'll have to go keep poking her to get writing the next book in this series! I hope you enjoy it if you check it out!


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