Monday, November 10, 2014

Review - Italian Christmas Proposal by Helen Scott Taylor

Italian Christmas Proposal
by Helen Scott Taylor
Series: Sweet Italian Christmas, #1
Genre: Contemporary/Holiday Romance
Release Date: September 29, 2014

Travel to Italy this Christmas and fall in love...

First in a Christmas trilogy set in Naples and the Amalfi coast 

Desperate to forget her controlling ex fiancé and have a fresh start, Claire goes to Italy to write about how the Italians celebrate Christmas. Leo has his own troubled past to overcome, but when he rescues Claire from the rain and takes her home to meet his daughter, the magical Italian Christmas offers them both a second chance at happiness.

What a wonderful, sweet holiday read that keeps you believing in the magic of Christmas! This story will reinforce your belief in the goodness of people and the importance of family – and how sometimes we have to stop running from our fears in order to let the good things catch up to us.

I loved Claire. Her strength and resolve to not let go of her dreams, even when faced with the constant undermining of those she was supposed to receive the most support from, was just wonderful. Even when things got tough, she pulled herself back together and concentrated on finding a way to put herself back on the right track again.

Leo was just sweet, but he carried his own fears and issues that he never truly reconciled, which had him projecting those fears and concerns on to Claire. His family was wonderful, and his little girl Violet just stole my heart. And even though there was a point that I wanted to give Leo a good shake (and thankfully his sister Gina does just that), when he finally understands the circumstances happening around him he totally mans up and does the right thing!

I’m totally looking forward to diving into the next two books this series to see what Christmas has in store for the other two Marin siblings.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

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