Thursday, November 27, 2014

Review - Tempest in Disguise by Riley Bancroft

Tempest In Disguise
by Riley Bancroft
Series: Darkest Faerie Tale, #1
Genre: Dark Erotic Urban Fantasy Romance
Release Date: November 6, 2014

Born the only hybrid between two warring factions, Mya's life is all smoke and mirrors. For twenty four years her true identity has been kept a secret inside the virtuous Seelie Court of the ancient Fae. But that time has come to an end. In one sudden blow, her perception of reality is irrevocably altered and her livelihood is stripped away. A dark and mysterious stranger has set his sights on her to possess, consume and claim her for himself. Mya must keep her wits about her to survive…or surrender to her darkest desires.

As one of the leaders in the infamous Unseelie Court, Cole is determined to seize the powerful and magickal hybrid from the enemy’s court on behalf of his people.  A battle is looming and they’re ready to end the war at any cost, but for Cole it’s personal.  The scar on his face is a daily reminder of the cuts marring his darkened soul and when he goes after the hybrid, a burning need to dominate and master her is far too great. Despite the consequences he faces for touching her, Cole's dark and twisted hunger is unable to resist her allure. He craves her full submission, but in order to do that, he must take everything away from her first.

Dark, Erotic Paranormal Romance with BDSM Elements…

From the introduction that set the stage for the world that was built, right through to the last chapter, Tempest In Disguise drew me in and won me over. I just loved the lore that was presented as the backdrop to this series, and am thoroughly impressed with this debut story from Riley Bancroft. I loved how the author didn't reveal everything in one shot, but rather gave you insight into the backstory and characters as the story progressed – and while you knew there was more to the story, you never felt that you were missing too much so that you didn't know what was going on.

I loved watching Mya come into her own and develop that inner strength that she needed to face off with Cole as well as her “friends” in the Seelie Court. As her world was turned upside down now that her hybrid status has made her a prized possession for both Courts – but for very different reasons – she begins to understand the truth of her reality and the fact that she needs to take control of her life and figure out just what might keep her alive…and whether or not she can deny the attraction to Cole and the submissive world he has opened up to her.

Cole…now there was a man who had a dark side and put the capital “D” in Dominant.
“I think you heard me.” He tightened his hold on her. “You wanted to play, you wanted control – well, I want your surrender.” A dangerous hunger danced across his face.
He carries his own scars – literally & figuratively – from his past and is tasked with bringing Mya in to the Unseelie Court. Of course one look at Mya and he can’t help but want to possess her, but will he push her too far and put his Unseelie Court mission in jeopardy?

This was a great first installment to this series and I can’t wait to see where the author takes us with the next installment. A great new series and new author that I look forward to reading more of!

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

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