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Review - Chasing Gold by Alexa Bourne

Chasing Gold
by Alexa Bourne
Series: A Beyond Fairytales Adventure
Genre: Suspense, Contemporary Scottish Romance
Release Date: January 23, 2015

Grace McKay spends most of her time alone trying to convince the world she’s strong enough and smart enough to become one of the best treasure hunters. According to the media, though, all she’s managed to prove is she’s a frigid, narrow-minded woman who doesn’t have a chance to succeed in her current hunt.

Simon Andrews is tired of being a glorified secretary for his family’s treasure hunting business.  As the youngest brother, he’s never had the chance to prove himself in the field, where his true interests lie.

When Grace’s uncle hires Simon on a whim to assist her with the search for an ancient family heirloom, he comes up against a woman determined to accomplish her goal without his—or anyone’s—help. But Simon, although captivated by her passion for her quest and her beauty, will not relinquish his chance to prove both to the client and his brothers that he has the family gift for finding valuables where others have failed.

Grace, frigid? Simon is sure the media met the wrong woman. He’s in danger of bursting into flames every time they are alone together. As they get closer to finding the heirloom, though, their growing passion for one another may distract them from the very real danger that threatens their lives and their possible future together. Whatever that might mean.

So what do you get when you mix a woman who is trying to prove she can get the job done with a man who is trying to prove himself to his family by going out in the field? You get some tension, some harsh words, and then some sparks as Simon and Grace learn to rely and lean on each other while chasing down Grace’s family treasure that was lost centuries ago.

This was a quick, fun read that followed Grace and Simon as they searched for the treasure. Since the book was short, there wasn't time for a lot of character development, but I feel the author did a real nice job with Grace – it was easy to relate to her feelings of having to prove herself and the pressure she put on herself to get the job done. And her reaction to Simon when he arrived showed all that pent up frustration she held inside from not feeling that her uncle was giving her his full support at finding the treasure. It was also fun watching her show her softer side as she and Simon began to give in to the attraction for one another.

Simon was a bit of a nerd – and boy does that picture on the cover look exactly like I pictured him! He’s tired of feeling like the glorified secretary and has had a hard time getting his brothers to take him seriously. I do wish there was just a little more on the relationship between Simon and his brothers. There seemed to be so much more going on between them then just the brothers not thinking Simon could handle field work, that a bit more backstory would have helped understand some of that dynamic.

The suspense and little bits of action that were thrown in kept the story moving, and it was fun to see Grace and Simon start to see each other as more than what their initial impression of each other was. I especially loved watching Simon go a bit alpha on Grace – it’s always fun when that “nerdy” guy turns out to have a bit of a naughty side!

A fun read – and I would definitely give other stories from this author and/or in this series a try!

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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