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Review - Daring the Player by Robin Covington

Daring the Player
by Robin Covington
Series: Dare To Love Kindle Worlds
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 20, 2015

She’s nothing but trouble…and he can’t resist.

Raised by a pro football legend, Miami Thunder wide receiver Rep Grissom has a career most would envy.  A toxic marriage with a party girl almost put him on the sidelines, but now he keeps his head down and makes the moves on the field that leave younger players in his dust. Now all he has to do is maintain the status quo and he’s guaranteed a lucrative new contract at an age when most guys are retiring.

Lola Corbin is used to leaving all the big boys in her rearview mirror. The lead singer in the worlds biggest rock band she fills up arenas and closes down the clubs but with the group on the brink of breaking apart her future is uncertain. Years spent on the road has left her with nothing at home except platinum records on the walls, an empty fridge and a cold bed. For the first time, she’s looking for something and someone beyond the spotlight.

When Lola’s first night in her condo ends with Rep breaking up a fight he realizes that temptation has moved in next door. Lola doesn’t usually go for the strong and serious types, but the more she sees of her neighbor, the more she wants. When a thank you dinner turns into dancing and a hot tryst in the back of the club their attraction cannot be denied. But when Lola-induced trouble results in a front-page-career-ending spectacle the player must decide if he’s going to be as daring with his heart as he is on the field.

What a hot read this was! I just loved both Rep and Lola, and really enjoyed the way they were so honest with each about what they wanted and expected…it was so refreshing to have two characters who knew who they were and where they were in their lives and not afraid to show that to each other. There was heat, there was sweet, and I loved the fact that these two could have me laughing with their banter and thoughts.

Other than the bit of drama at the end, there wasn't much about Rep that didn't have me wishing for my own part in this book that involved me, Rep and a whole lot of alone time. That boy could sure make a girl swoon – from his “white knight” acts to his dirty-talking mouth, Rep was a man who defined the whole package. And yeah, the fact that he’s hot as sin and a football player doesn't hurt either. I loved his internal monologue when he first encounters Lola – he knows she is all sorts of trouble and no good can possibly come from spending any time with her, because he knows he’ll never be able to resist her.
Oh hell no. He wasn't going to dinner with this woman. He’d be lucky to make it to dinner before he took her to bed. She was his fantasy come to life and he wasn't that strong. A man had to know his limitations.
And Lola was just fabulous! Yeah, she was a rock star, but there was so much more to her. She’s totally comfortable with who she is, what she has done in her life, and what she wants – especially when she decides she wants Rep! Although she has some stuff going on with her band that creates some drama around her life, Lola typically keeps things real and just is who she is. And when it comes to Rep, she’s a great balance for him.

Rep and Lola could certainly burn up the pages, but the best part about them was their willingness to say what they felt and put it all out there. And even though they are both dealing with some pretty pivotal issues in their professional lives, they are trying to figure out how to create a future together. The steamy times and dirty-talking were awesome, but I just loved seeing the two of them being honest with each other and acknowledge their feelings.
“This is just us,” Rep said, not knowing where he was going but needing to say things. Important things. “No one else in your bed.”

She shook her head. “Only you.”

“This is right. It’s supposed to be like this.”

“Yes. We are supposed to be like this.”
*Sigh*…this is one you definitely don’t want to miss!

I received this book from the author for an honest review.


  1. He was a good one - this was a hot read! Robin is quickly becoming a favorite of mine when I'm looking for a little extra heat!


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