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Paranormal Dating Agency - New Releases

Paranormal Dating Agency
Release Date: February 22, 2019

Playing With Fire: Paranormal Dating Agency
by Godiva Glenn
(Otherworld Shifters, #4)

Chell of the Blue Mountain clan isn’t a woman that backs down, even after she’s been kidnapped, and her leadership temporarily stolen in an underhanded coup. It’s taken time, but now she’s on top and in charge where she belongs. Her next step is to secure her bloodline, which means she needs a mate.
Her soul mate is part of a package deal, though, and two scorching hot human firefighters wind up capturing her attention.

But Chell wasn’t looking for a human, much less two. Her world is dangerous, and her clan could benefit from the power of a shifter.

While emotions and chemistry are getting too hot to handle, a love from her past emerges and threatens the balance of their romantic trio. And to top things off, she discovers that more treachery is afoot.

It looks like this bear’s going to need to put out some fires and kick some ass.

Author’s Note: This a standalone #whychoose reverse harem romance intended for mature audiences.

Winter Wedding: Paranormal Dating Agency
by Jen Talty
(Twilight Crossings, #4)

Cheryl Ferguson has spent the last year researching the Royal Fairies and the magical spell that banished them from the Royal Castle before they had all been destroyed. Her three brothers, Chaz, Nico, and Drew, have all taken their rightful fated Royal Fairy mates, ensuring the new creature: Wolfairies, would be brought into the world. With the last union of Drew and Coral, Cheryl had thought their family would finally be able to relax and enjoy the newborn Wolfairies.

But she had thought wrong, and now the safety of her nieces and nephews are in her hands.

Adamant Eve: Paranormal Dating Agency
by LJ Vickery
(Gemma Hydrox, #2)

Marek Stasky isn’t sure about this trip to Gemma-Hydrox, but he has no choice. He signed an agreement with Gerri Wilder, the Galaxy’s foremost matchmaker, before he knew the particulars of the inhabitants. Now he’s just confused. Since he doesn’t follow the, uh, proclivities of the natives, why exactly has Ms. Wilder recruited him? As the planet’s twin suns appear on the horizon, he knows he’ll soon find out. But that’s as far as it will go. No one can force a new lifestyle on him. No siree.

Eve doesn’t understand why she’s been assigned to take care of the luscious visitor from earth, but she knows she likes the way he looks and acts, way too much. Cautiously she allows herself to study him. But if she lets her interest show, and the lords find out, punishment will be dire. As she stands ready to serve, she judiciously keeps her head down and her mouth shut…until the human asks her a question.

Biting Time: Paranormal Dating Agency
by Rose Smith
(BBW in Charge, #1)

Two Tabasco Sauce Hot Werewolf Shifters, One Curvy, Sexy Woman

Dr. Celestia Richard’s rock star husband hasn’t made love to her in months. Since she’s gained weight, he no longer finds her desirable. When her marriage hits its lowest point, she kicks him out and files for divorce. Afterwards, Celestia decides she wants to explore a fantasy she’s always had. Jaded by her profession, she desires something other than conventional monogamy. As a relationship counselor, she advises patients with broken hearts. They typically come to her upon discovering their spouse is having an affair. If the husband is faithful, the wife isn’t and vice versa. She secretly wonders if monogamy is even possible.

She’s heard all the rumors about sexy shifters and their desire for full-figured women. Ready to discover them for herself, upon the urging of her beautiful cousin, Nita Islas, she visits Gerri Wilder at the Paranormal Dating Agency. The matchmaker extraordinaire introduces her to two Tabasco Sauce Hot shifters. Bronson Young is the billionaire owner of the wildly successful Sonic Beats headphones. Drake Preston is a no-nonsense police detective with a soft heart. Both are from the Silver Moon Werewolf Pack. The shifters are searching for a mate they can share for life.

When her husband comes crawling back, Celestia must decide if she’ll mend her marriage or choose Bronson and Drake, who’ve introduced her to a world of hot sex and fantasies fulfilled. But when Celestia goes missing, the shifters will have to use their super powers to unravel the mystery. With no shortage of suspects and a puzzle without any obvious pieces, will the shifters have to band with Celestia’s husband to solve it?

Bite My Bengal: Paranormal Dating Agency
by Roxanne Witherell
(Heads N' Tails, #3)

How do you love once you’ve lost?

BJ Elwood, the oldest of a small group of friends, lost the love of her life five years ago. She’s content with being alone, but her friends scheme to set her up for happiness. What are the chances she can find love again? She isn’t a beauty, but maybe, just maybe, Gerri can find her a new love.

Dare Forrester has been alone since his wife died twenty years ago. He gave up finding love long ago. When he finds it again, will it be to only lose her in the same way? Could he survive another loss?

No Wake Zone: Paranormal Dating Agency
by Savannah Verte
(Making Waves, #4)

Time is up.

Perhaps that’s a good thing.

Oceanus receives a new package, tipping his fury toward all out destruction as everyone is running in circles, and someone has seen a Sturgeon look-a-like. A new dead end could take them to the right path…but will they see it?

Gerri’s latest pairing, an Elemental Seer and an anxiety-riddled orphan, may hold the key to answer it all, but they are mated just as the storm breaks loose. Can anyone turn back the clock?

There’s only one person who can stop Oceanus’ wrath.

Unfortunately, she is one of the missing.

Twisted Lies: Paranormal Dating Agency
by Melanie James
(Twisted Tail Pack, #6)

Mikah Dawson has a problem with lies, but she just can’t seem to help herself. Nearly every word out of her mouth is a lie. Not because she doesn’t know how to tell the truth, she does. But the little white lies keep the walls up around her heart and her past from spilling into her present.

Jason Black heads off in search of his mate after he receives a not so subtle hint from Gerri Wilder. What he finds is the hottest, most alluring woman he’s ever set his sights on. The one who was made for him, and him alone. Too bad she hates him from the moment she bumps into him.

… Or does she?

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