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Review - My Favorite Cowboy by Donna Grant

My Favorite Cowboy
by Donna Grant
Series: Heart of Texas, #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 26, 2019

Audrey Martinez is a veterinarian who has devoted her whole life to the care and protection of horses—even if doing so leaves her little time for meeting a man. Who would have thought that a strange case of criminal horseplay would lead her to falling deeply, wildly in love? If only the man who makes her heart race faster than a wild mustang would let his guard down, that is. . .

Caleb Harper is no ordinary cowboy. Sure, he wears his hat, boots, and jeans like a second skin, and displays an easygoing charm that comes from years of working on the ranch. But with his military background, and Army buddies at his side, he is tried-and-true Texas tough. Audrey knows she can trust a man like Caleb to help her save horses. But can Caleb trust himself to resist his attraction to Audrey—or will the sparks of their desire end up getting them burned?

Another wonderful book in the Heart of Texas series that has he perfect blend of romance and suspense (and cowboys!) to lead to a very satisfying happy ever after.

Just like his siblings, Caleb Harper has some serious abandonment issues that run deep and have him convinced that anything other than one-night stands and superficial relationships just aren’t in his future – anything more would be too risky and he’s convinced he could never trust anyone with his heart. What he fails to see is that the way he lives his life ensures that none of that is true – his love for his family, and the friends that have become part of his extended family, show just how deep he’s willing to forge a bond…but not until Audrey Martinez comes into his life does he even think love would be possible for him.
“My parents had the kind of love you read about but never think to see. When she died, so did a part of him.”

“I know the kind of love you speak of. My sister and Clayton found it. As did Brice and Naomi.”

“Not you?”

Caleb had been asked that question dozens of times, but somehow, coming from Audrey, it made him really think about the answer for once. “Not yet.”

The words came out before he realized it.


Why the hell did he say that? He knew better than anyone that he had no intentions of ever settling down. He’d never be able to get past his abandonment issues enough to trust someone with his heart.
Audrey was such a great character. She is an awesome big sister to Maddy, dedicated to her career as a vet, and would do anything to save or help any horse who needed her expertise or attention. That leaves little time for romance, and knowing how devastated her father was when her mother passed, she always finds an excuse to end a relationship before it can actually get started. But when she meets Caleb there is an instant attraction that has her start thinking that maybe there could be more.

I fell in love with the East family in the previous book (book 2, but the first in the series I read), so it was no surprise that they got involved when their friend needed their help to figure out what was happening to his horses. It also was no surprise that once they got know Audrey and Maddy that they quickly added them to their family and committed to whatever it took to keep them safe as well.
“We’re here because we want to be. Same as Maddy. And trust me when I say whoever these people are, they’ve messed with the wrong family. We protect what’s ours – as well as our friends. You and your sister are counted among those now.”
Caleb and Audrey didn’t have an easy time finding their happy ever after and at times I just wanted to sit them both down and give them a good talking to and make them communicate with each other. There was also some family meddling – for the good and the bad – that impacted these two, but in the end, despite it all, I loved watching these two come together and figure out that love made them stronger and not weaker or more vulnerable.

This was another great read in this series and I can’t wait to see what the author has in store for the rest of the East clan. This one is a must read for anyone!

I received an advance reader copy from the publisher via NetGalley which I voluntarily reviewed.

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