Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Review - Deadly Rescue by Misty Evans and Amy Manemann

Deadly Rescue
by Misty Evans & Amy Manemann
Series: Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce, #7.5
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 19, 2019

In this page-turning romantic suspense novella in the SCVC Taskforce Series by USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans, Cooper Harris and Celina Davenport have their romantic weekend interrupted by an unexpected tragedy … and end up delivering a very special surprise to some dear friends.

Cooper Harris, head of the SCVC Taskforce, plans to enjoy a weekend getaway with his crime scene photographer wife, Celina Davenport, even if it is a training weekend. Taskforce member, Nelson Cruz, has brought his pregnant wife, Sophie, and she and Celina intend to catch up while spending quality time at the spa in between sessions.

When a car bomb goes off, injuring Nelson, along with hundreds of other innocent people, Cooper vows to hunt down the culprit. With Celina by his side, they work together to bring the terrorist to justice…and end up helping Nelson and Sophie welcome a couple of highly anticipated additions to the Taskforce family.

It’s always fun to get a glimpse into the lives of characters that you have come to know through a series, and Deadly Rescue was a fun way to catch up with the SCVC Taskforce members and some of their extended professional family. Filled with action and heart, this was a fun read that had me turning the pages and reminded me why I’m always excited when a new Misty Evans book is being released.

The story focuses on Celina and Cooper, and watching the over-the-top alpha male Cooper deal with being kept in check by his equally strong wife Celina is always fun. There were also several other story lines that brought more heart into this one – a blossoming romance and a baby that decided to make an appearance – and kept me turning pages to see how things would turn out.

The authors do a nice job writing together with one voice and crafting a quality story in a short amount of pages. This was a solid what I would call “in-between” story that just makes me look forward to the next full-length book in this series, which is the main reason for only three stars on this one since there really isn’t time to get all the full amount of feels of action and heart that a full-length book can give.

If you are looking for a quick read with lots of action, great characters, wonderful dialogue, and a whole bunch of heart, then pick this one up…but be warned… you will probably find yourself wanting to go back and start the series from the beginning to meet all the wonderful characters in this series!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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