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Review - Back to You by Kimberly Kincaid

Back to You
by Kimberly Kincaid
Series: Remington Medical, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 12, 2019

His second chance is his only chance

Parker Drake wants exactly one thing—to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. Between his reputation as a rule-breaker and the six years that have passed since his first internship ended in disaster, he knows he’s only getting one shot at a second chance. He’ll do anything to put the past behind him and reach his goal…including work with the gorgeous ex-wife he’s never gotten over losing.

All work and no play make surgeon Charleston Becker a very happy woman. But when she’s tasked with mentoring her ex-husband through his second chance as an intern, her signature calm is put to the test. She’s not interested in re-hashing the heartbreaking circumstances that ended their marriage, and the six years that have passed haven’t made Parker less reckless. The last thing she’s willing to do is trust him—even if she does find him sexier than ever.

But familiarity breeds forgiveness, which then becomes a passion that threatens the careers Parker and Charlie have worked for. Can they turn their second chance into a happy ending? Or is history bound to repeat itself?

This steamy contemporary medical romance can be read as a standalone.

I love second chance romances and it was wonderful to watch Charleston and Parker find their way back to each other after all they had been through – it really made my heart happy!

I liked both Parker and Charlie and, even though they could be so polar opposite on things, they just made sense together. Charlie loves order and facts, she’s by the book and finds her comfort when the facts drive the decisions. Parker has a reputation of being a bit of a wild card and is seen as using gut instinct and reaction to drive his decisions, even though it’s clear his knowledge and skills play just as important a role. These two have a past that drove them apart, but when circumstances bring Parker and Charlie back together it’s obvious that what they had isn’t over by a long shot! I loved the use of the flashbacks – I was a bit put off by Charlie at first, but understanding what had happened and then unraveling the why’s behind her reactions helped to see beneath the somewhat cold and hard personality she had adopted as part of her coping mechanism. Parker was a total dream and I loved how he stepped up and became the man Charlie needed, especially when faced with the issues that threatened their relationship once again.

There was great tension between Parker and Charlie but it never felt like the angst level got to be too much. And once they finally opened up to each other about what went wrong in the past and why, it created such a wonderful foundation for them to build their new relationship on.
“We could start over,” he suggested, and Charleston couldn’t help it. She huffed out a laugh.

“What, like we just met?”

“Sure.” Parker bent his knees, propping his forearms over his thighs with a shrug. “Why not?”

“Beeeecause I slept with you the night we first met.” Her cheeks flamed at the way the words had barged right out of her, but then Parker laughed, too, and God, they were a hell of a pair.
There were some great characters introduced and I look forward to learning more about each of them. It did get tough at times to keep track of everyone, but each new character introduced and every character that made a cameo from Parker’s former work-life (from the author’s Station Seventeen series) helped tell Parker and Charlie’s story and ensures that there will be some great stories that will be told in this series!

It was a bit heavy on the medical jargon at times which slowed the book down for me in a couple of spots, but props go out to Kimberly Kincaid for making things as realistic as possible.

This was a great start to a new series that promises to deliver some fun stories while still allowing glimpses into the lives of characters that have already had their stories told. If you like your romances with a healthy dose of drama and/or love those medical drama shows, then this one is definitely one to check out!

I received an advance reader copy from the author which I voluntarily reviewed.

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