Thursday, May 7, 2020

Fated Kiss by Darcy Devlon - New Release

Fated Kiss
by Darcy Devlon
Series: Cats Paw Cove, #11
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: May 5, 2020

Everyone makes mistakes. Even Fate.

Thirty years ago, one of the three Fates pitted two women against each other, never realizing that the irreversible mistake would result in years of torment for the women’s offspring, Raven Lancaster and Lazlo Steele.

Blindly optimistic, Raven uses her gifts as a medium to help others navigate life’s challenges. Lazlo, a successful but self-absorbed businessman, chose a darker path, and uses his magic for personal gain. When Lazlo arrives in Cat’s Paw Cove, the beautiful Raven calls him out for his inappropriate magic.

At the insistence of his tyrannical father, Lazlo ignores the supernatural community’s codes and tries to persuade Raven to let him use her family’s enchanted gazebo, which creates a permanent ripple in his and Raven’s timeline. When the goddess pays them a visit, she explains that only they can stop this divergence in time. But, is it too late for them to overcome their differences and end the cycle of misfortune?

If you ask Darcy where she’s from, she’ll tell you Texas despite living in Florida the last 18 years. She still enjoys saying y’all and yee-haw. Ever since Darcy encountered romance novels, her first love has been books. What’s better than intimacy and passion, fights and make-up sessions? And she whole-heartedly believes in the power of love, no matter the kind of love it may be. Growing up Darcy wanted to be a police officer and has great respect for those brave enough to fill those difficult shoes. When she became a single mom at a young age her dream evolved into her writing. Now, she loves to write suspense and mystery with as much law enforcement in her stories as possible.

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