Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Review - If the Cursed Shoe Fits by Nyx Halliwell

If the Cursed Shoe Fits
by Nyx Halliwell
Series: Once Upon a Witch, #1
Genre: Cozy Paranormal Mystery
Release Date: May 12, 2020

Glass slippers, a royal ball, Prince Charming…and murder. Oh my!

When it comes to magic powers, I hit the oddball lottery. All I have to do is step into people’s shoes and—poof—I instantly learn all the most private things about them, those things they most desperately want to hide from the world.

Naturally, when a woman turns up dead wearing an actress’s very famous—and very cursed—glass slippers, everyone looks to me for answers.

I just want to sell soap and candles with my sisters in our family’s shop, but turns out nobody is willing to let me off the hook that easily. And that hook includes going undercover at a swanky ball with the deceased spoiled prince of a son.

Will donning my party dress and stepping into these cursed shoes lead me down the right path, or will I wind up tumbling headfirst into my grave?

What a fun start to a new series by Nyx Halliwell! With a twist to the Cinderella fairy tale, If the Cursed Shoe Fits was a fun cozy mystery where magick helps save the day.

I have become quite the fan of these paranormal cozy mysteries and this one delivers on all fronts. There is an interesting mystery to solve that brings all sorts of colorful characters into the mix, there’s some interesting magick – I really loved Cinder’s ability to “read” shoes, and there’s a light touch of romance that really helps tie things together.

I loved the family dynamic of both the Sherwoods and the Starlings. Cinder is the oldest sister and has stepped into the role of taking care of her sisters and their family business since losing her parents. I just love her Aunt Matilda and Uncle Odin and can’t wait to learn more about the Sherwood family history, especially now that they have discovered the hidden room in the house. The Starling family was really just Finn and his mother, but I’m a sucker for a son who is so supportive of his mother, and Finn was just that.

The mystery itself had a few twists and turns. Cinder’s cousin Robin is the lead inspector, so it’s easy to see how Cinder gets pulled into trying to find information and ultimately finding herself right in the middle of things. There’s a bit of magick that plays into the mystery, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out between Cinder and Finn going forward. The romance aspect between them is something Cinder tries to ignore and deny, so it was fun watching Finn slowly chip away at her resolve. He definitely played the part of Prince Charming and I can’t wait to see how these two play into future books in the series.
“Magick, huh?” He chucks my chin with his crooked finger. “We should probably talk about that in more depth one of these days. There’s so much I need to learn about you.”

“A little mystery in a relationship is a good thing.”
This was a great start to a new series and I can’t wait to see what the next book will bring. This one is definitely worth checking out!

I read this book using Kindle Unlimited.

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