Thursday, May 21, 2020

Right Princess by Autumn Archer - New Release

Right Princess
by Autumn Archer
Series: Modern Princess Collection, #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult
Release Date: May 20, 2020

Ada is the daughter of jewelery designer royalty. An age-old contract stipulates that as she is the next in line to take over the family legacy, she must marry wealth. Ada goes to Camelot for both education & to find a suitor. She attends incognito as doesn't want people to know who she is.

Theo Hunter is the bar manager of The Reef and becomes her best friend. They do everything together. He dates a string of women bc he can’t find the right girl... even though he knows Ada is that girl ... but she’s infatuated with her roomie's big brother, Ro Huxley.

Ro Huxley will inherit billions. He’s the captain of the football team and drop-dead gorgeous...the ideal candidate for marriage but is he the right one for Ada?

About the Modern Princes Collection

Once upon a kiss, a modern romance becomes a fairytale.

The prestigious Camelot University comes fully equipped with elitist guys, a castle, and a Glass Ball, but these self-proclaimed princesses don’t need crowns to prove their worth. They’ve taken love and life into their own hands and written their own fairytale.

Follow seven of your favorite fairytale heroines as they find their happily ever after, in these standalone, contemporary romance novels. The ladies of Cam U are a dangerous combination of cute and badass, full of attitude and imperfections, and an innocence only fairytales can convey.

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♛ Innocent Princess by Lauren Helms
♛ Right Princess by Autumn Archer (5/20)
♛ Rebel Princess by Lynn Stevens (5/25)
♛ Bookish Princess by Clare Lesbirel (5/27)
♛ Ousted Princess by Tasha Lewis (6/1)
♛ Midnight Princess by Cam Johns (6/3)

A Northern Irish #1 Bestselling Romance Author who thrives on gin and the written word. She's a mother to two cool kids, two cute dogs and has a fluffle of wild rabbits in the back garden. Between working in the city during the day, entertaining the brood, feeding the husband and cuddling with the pups, she somehow manages to write romance.

She delves into the darker element of life at times giving her romantic suspense books a curious edge, with alpha men who have to work hard to win over strong women. That being said, she also loves to write sweet and swoony books that make you fall hard. The stories always have a heap of sexy scenarios that are best enjoyed by adults.

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