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Review - Letting Go of You by J.M. Witt

Letting Go of You
by J.M. Witt
Series: Anchored Hearts, #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 28, 2014


Letting Go of You will be the hardest decision of my life.

We were devoted and committed to one another. Secret clubs, family, friends, careers and undeniable chemistry filled our lives. Previous troubles seemed nonexistent. We were ready and willing for whatever life had to offer. Life was perfect. If only ‘perfect’ really existed. 

What I didn't expect was that one tragic event would trigger the demons you kept hidden from me. I had to decide if I could live with not knowing your secrets. And just when I thought we would make it through, another hurdle was placed in front of us. Tragedy, murder, first loves, old enemies, and death lingered at every turn. 

Will your demons be the death of us? Or will my anchored heart be strong enough to hold on?

Only You

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After the ending in Hiding Away, I couldn't wait to get to the next book in this series and JM Witt did not disappoint! This series is quickly becoming one of my favorites – and I just loved everything about this book and James & Cassidy's story. I love when two people who are broken find each other and make those broken pieces fit together. I love when there are surprise twists and turns to a story that keep me off-balance, causing me to re-think what I thought I knew, or showing me how I have totally misjudged a situation. And as much as it hurts, I love when a book can feel so real that my heart breaks with that of a characters. Letting Go of You did all those things, and had me riding the waves of emotions with James and Cassidy, as well as many of the other characters in the book.

There is a lot that is going on in this book, and there are so many interwoven storylines. In addition to James & Cassidy’s story, we get to know more about the people in their lives who impact them and their relationship. We learn more about Paul and his relationship and past with both Cassidy and James. We learn more about Melissa and I almost start to like her…almost! We find out what happens to Cal and see how Jane’s past affects and effects everyone’s lives. We see James go into uber-protective mode when Cassidy is still being threatened. And all the while I found myself falling even more in love with both James and Cassidy as they tried to deal with things the best they knew how.

From James trying to keep parts of himself from Cassidy to protect her…
“Cassidy, please don’t over analyze this. Us. We’ve got a good thing going. I love you. I don’t know what else you want me to say.”
….to Cassidy not being able to resist James, even though she knows she needs him to open up to her...
He pulled back and kissed me. His lips were like my kryptonite. The minute they touched my body I was a goner. I’d do anything, say anything, and be anything he wanted me to be.
…I found myself riding the waves of emotions with the characters – from heartbreak to love, from anger to joy, from confusion to clarity, I felt every one of them.
“I’m sorry about everything. I’m a work in progress. But always know that I love you and I won’t give up on us. Ever.”
And once again JM Witt leaves us on the edge, hanging on for the next book to find out what happens with James and Cassidy and many of the other characters. So, damn you Witt…you've done it again! You've given me a great story with wonderful characters and left feeling satisfied, for now, but hungry for more!

I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.


  1. Oh gah yes I love when they're so broken like that and finally find each other. Can seriously make your heart hurt but it's so good too.

  2. And this series is killing me - they get so close and something always happens...I normally am not a huge fan when the story leaves me hanging, but there's just something about these characters that draws me in! And I just know in the end they are going to fit together perfectly!


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