Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cover Reveal - Blackjack: Wicked Game by Sam J.D. Hunt

Blackjack: Wicked Game
by Sam J.D. Hunt
Series: Thomas Hunt, #2
Genre: Erotica
Release Date: September 27, 2014

Sex, love, and a wicked game throw Samantha Drake and Thomas Hunt into an adventure that takes them to places they've never been. From the mountains above Las Vegas to the glitzy casinos of Monte Carlo, Sam and Thomas are forced to confront demons from the past while nurturing their fledgling relationship. Thomas goes from being Sam’s skilled submissive lover to discovering his own inner Dominant side. Will she be able to surrender control? Will love be enough to see them through the twists and turns of this new adventure? Don’t miss the hot follow-up to the highly acclaimed Roulette: Love Is A Losing Game.

Blackjack is a modern, steamy erotic novel set in Las Vegas. It contains explicit sexual scenes, light BDSM, and frequent profanity. It is intended for adults only.

“That’s a nice love bite there on your neck, babycakes,” he flirts, pointing at the open collar of my white cotton shirt.

“Um, yeah, I think I received that while being impaled by your man of steel this morning,” I attempt to joke back.

“Man of steel? Is that like, um, a penis?”

Thomas does get my jokes; he just prefers to always pretend he doesn't, forcing me to always be the straight guy.

“Not fair, you use every euphemism possible for penis, but when I try one you act like I’m nuts,” I complain.

“I don’t use various terms for my purple headed womb broom,” he answers with a smirk. “Besides, I have way better marks from our fun in Paris than you,” he adds, holding up his wrists.

Book 1: Roulette: Love Is a Losing Game

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