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Review - Fire Me Up by Kimberly Kincaid

Fire Me Up
by Kimberly Kincaid
Series: Pine Mountain, #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 27, 2015

If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

Teagan O’Malley can handle a crisis. She’s a paramedic, it’s her job. But she never expected to land in the kitchen of her father’s pub, with no notice, no cash, and no room for error. The kitchen is not her favorite place. Lucky for her, she just scraped a bad-boy chef off the pavement after a motorcycle accident—and something about him says he can turn up the heat in more ways than one.

Adrian Holt has had a rough few years, and he’s not eager to get tangled up in anything more complicated than a good risotto. But with a broken arm and a head full of bad memories, he needs a challenge to keep him sane. Teagan’s dare-me attitude and smoldering mess of a bar are just what the doctor ordered. And the two of them together might cook up some even better medicine…

This book was so much fun and had such great characters. It had lots of small town charm with some big city problems thrown in to stir things up and keep things interesting. I just loved all the new characters that were introduced and the setting of the Double Shot bar. I also loved the fact that this small town story had a tough, city guy as the central character, giving it a lot edge!

Teagan and Adrian were both great, but the two of them together and their bantering and playfulness made the story for me. From their first encounter, after Adrian dumps his bike, you just knew there would be lots of sparks between these two. Even though they both could come on strong, their words were never biting or harsh, rather filled with innuendo and challenge.
“Look, where I come from, if I turn my back on something, it usually codes. Or performs an unassisted shoulder reduction.” She leveled an obvious stare at his sling, and yeah, touché. “So I’ll do what you tell me to if it’ll get me through this, but you’re going to have to tell me everything. Unless that’s too much for you.”

The challenge in her eyes, coupled with the determination to take care of things no matter the cost, gave him an instant hard-on. He cocked his head at her, working up a slow grin. “You’re going to get what you want. Just be sure you want what you’re going to get.”

Her grip on the spatula went thermonuclear, and she met his stare head-on. “Ready when you are, Superman.”
One of the things I loved about both Adrian and Teagan was that they didn't play games. Once they committed to something they were all in, and there was such an honesty to their relationship. Although the scars from their past tended to get in their way at times, they truly tried to help each begin to heal and find some peace with the events and circumstances that haunted them. And when the problems from Adrian’s past threaten his future, Teagan doesn't hesitate to try and protect him.

This was another great addition to the Pine Mountain series, a little bit edgier but still fun, sexy, and satisfying. If you haven’t read the previous books in the series you won’t have any problem jumping in to this one, but you will be missing out on some great stories! A definite must read for everyone!

I received this book from NetGalley to read and leave an honest review.


  1. You know I loved this one too :) It really was nice how they didn't play games. That can be fun sometimes but refreshing when they're like these two :)

  2. These two had enough going on without the games, so it was nice not to have to that distraction. And I loved how Teagan kept calling Adrian Superman...hehe!


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