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Review - Hot Dare by Avery Flynn

Hot Dare
by Avery Flynn
Series: Dare to Love Kindle Worlds
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 20, 2015


Hell is a Miami Thunder fan cruise to the Bahamas—at least, that’s how Colt “45” Butler sees it. But with his job as the team’s starting linebacker in question, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to prove he’s a team player. Plus, the prospect of having his one-night Vegas fling, Angie Diaz, as his VIP liaison for the cruise just might make the whole ordeal tolerable. All he needs it to get her back in his bed for some Vegas-rules fun on the high seas.

Cheap wine and expensive ice cream, that’s how anyone fool enough to get involved with a Thunder football player always drowns their sorrows after getting dumped. Angie Diaz isn’t about to become one of the many—no matter how close she got to the look-but-don’t-touch line with the hot linebacker. Mixing business and pleasure with Colt is one dare her heart can’t afford to take…but being with him day and night is making is a dare she can’t resist.

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Hot Dare was one Hot Read! Avery Flynn has once again delivered a story that had me laughing and swooning, and then fanning myself. In typical Flynn fashion, we are treated to a hero who is sexy, alpha, confident, and always managing to get himself in trouble with his woman…and then is man enough to know how to beg and grovel for forgiveness. We get a heroine who is smart, capable, and can bring a man to his knees with her verbal arsenal…but when her heart gets involved, well, all bets are off!
“We both know damn well why you’re on this cruise, Colt, and it’s not because you’ve ever been accused of being Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky.” Her voice shook but the words came out clear, which was more than she expected considering how jumbled up her insides were. “It’s because you’re doing whatever the fuck it takes to secure your position with the team. I can appreciate that because I’m doing the same damn thing. You hate crowds and being the center of attention anytime you’re not wearing a football helmet? Well, I hate dealing with gargantuan divas who don’t bother to read their contracts.”

The straight line of his mouth wavered a millisecond before he snorted with laughter.

“I’m not a diva.”

“Really?” She threw her hands up in the air. “That’s what you picked out of that whole tirade?”


If he only knew how true the stories were about a Cuban woman’s temper, he would be guarding his cajones right about now.
Colt and Angie were so much fun! From their first conversation on the dock you could just feel the tension between the two and knew the sparks were going to fly. Angie is determined to keep things professional since she has her career to think about, but when Colt comes up with a game plan to get her back into his bed, Angie has a hard time keeping her defenses up. Of course no story is complete without a bit of angst and the necessary romance to get things back on track, and Colt does not disappoint at all!

This was a quick, fun read that will have you wishing you could join the next fan cruise to take part in dirty charades and be involved in all the other super-fan events!

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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