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All Fours (Special Edition Bundle) by Kate Dawes - Sale Blitz

All Fours (Special Edition Bundle)
by Kate Dawes
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 1, 2015

Three years ago this summer, Kate Dawes appeared on the erotic romance scene with her debut FADE series that spent six consecutive weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Now, for a limited time, get this special anniversary edition bundle that contains three complete books by Kate as well as a free preview of her 2014 hit romantic suspense novel WATTS (on sale now exclusively on Amazon).

TAMELESS (originally published under the pen-name Jess Gilmore)

For most of my teen years, I lived under the same roof with Wes Proctor. He was a surfer. He was cocky and popular. Guys wanted to be him, girls wanted to be with him.

There were times I was attracted to him, and times I hated him. Wes had a caring, protective side, but also a strong self-destructive one

When he left our house at 18, it was sudden, like he vanished, and I never knew what became of him. My parents never said. They didn't allow his name to be spoken in the house.

Now he's back, we're seven years older, and we've been thrown together once again by the most unlikely of circumstances.

There's a lot of baggage. There's a major trust issue. There's secrecy. And there's sex. Amazingly hot sex.

He's mature now and on the right track. His loud cockiness has turned to a quiet confidence. But Wes still might have that dark side. I don't know.

In the span of just a few weeks our lives will be changed forever. We'll find out there was always more between us, an unspoken and irresistible desire that is reignited all these years later. But all of that will be tested when it becomes clear there was more to what made him leave all those years ago, and Wes wasn't the one with the worst secrets.

*** Due to mature content, this book is recommended for readers 18+. ***


When Leah's ex-boyfriend Kevin betrays her in a horrifically public way, she leaves town to spend her last summer of college in a place where no one knows who she is or what happened to her.

All she wants is a little peace of mind and some good surfing so she can regroup before returning for her senior year.

After his own tragedy a few years ago, Drew developed an entirely new and unique outlook on life and became a risk-taker, daring and dangerous, everything Leah wanted to avoid.

But a bizarre encounter forces her to let Drew into her life, little by little, secret by secret. He's smart, funny, persistent, and makes money in a rather unconventional way.

Due to mature themes, this book is recommended for readers 18+.


Blair Dyson found her dream man--the sexy, wealthy and powerful Trevor Baker--a real-life version of all the "book boyfriends" she read about in countless romance novels.

But the relationship is nothing like those books led her to believe it would be, and now she wants out. A stunning discovery of one of Trevor's secrets gives her the push she needs to make the final break.

Free of Trevor, she vows to focus on her new life, a new career, and to put men to the side for a while.

Then Sam Vonn, an acquaintance from Blair's past, enters her life again, just at the wrong time.

Or could it be the right time?

WATTS (free preview)

I've had to do some unspeakable things in my life. Some might even consider me a bad guy.

My secrets can get people hurt, even killed. For that reason, I've never let anyone get close to me.

Until Catherine.

I slid my hand around her waist, pulling her body against mine. Those tits. Fuck. I felt them press against my chest and hated the fact that I wasn’t feeling them against my bare skin.

She was an eager kisser—lips open wide, her tongue furiously swirling with mine—maybe the most aggressive kiss I’d ever had with a girl. And the little noises she was making were begging me to keep going.

Kissing her in this house, right here in the hallway between her room and what used to be my room, was one of the things I had wanted to do but never did. I’d had opportunities, especially on those nights when she would come to my room to watch TV or a movie. So many chances. Yet I resisted because I had to. She was off-limits back then.

Now? Forget it. There was no stopping this now that it had started.

Dawn was getting worked up fast. Pulling me closer to her. Lifting one of her legs and wrapping it around the back of my thigh. I’d been with horny girls before, but this was something else. This was pent-up frustration, anger, something…

Kate Dawes is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, including the FADE series, LAYOVER RULES, UNWRECK ME, and WATTS.

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