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Rock His World by @_KristiHancock - Interview and Giveaway @Barclay_PR

Rock His World
by Kristi Hancock
Series: Naughty by Nature, #1
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 10, 2015

Today I have Kristi Hancock on the blog talking about her new release, ROCK HIS WORLD, and a little bit of everything else...

Hi Kristi! Thanks so much for being on the blog today. Congratulations on the release of ROCK HIS WORLD!

So, let's get right to it...

There are lots of bad girl/good guy books out there, what makes Rock His World different?
Sasha discovered her true identity when she tapped into her inner bad girl and let her run free. Avery hasn't always been a "good guy." He used to be a bad boy in his own right, but he was the biggest fish in a very small pond. Now he's trying to figure out how--or if--that former bad boy fits with the geek he has become. 

Oh, I like that...former bad boy who is now a geek...yummy!

The setting is in Seattle, what made this the perfect location for Rock His World?
The story came to me as a cross between the lyrics in The Dead Milkmen's "Punk Rock Girl" and Pink Floyd's "Young Lust."  Avery is new to town, so where would he most likely meet a punk rock girl? To me, with Seattle's role as the original home of grunge, it just seemed like a natural fit. Plus I love that city. 

Seattle really does have a great music scene! And mosh pits and after-parties bring back memories of my college days...
What three bands (past or present) would Sasha and/or Avery give anything to see?
1. Nirvana, of course, especially since they own the same vintage Nirvana T-shirt
2. Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. The Clash

Nice! I would have loved to have seen The Clash!

It's clear that Avery has his work cut our for him with Sasha, if you could give him a bit of advice on how to win her over, what would it be?
Don't be too nice. She won't know what to do with you and will become very bored very quickly.

What is one of your favorite quotes from the book that had you laughing out loud and thinking... "dang that's good, and I wrote it!"?
The woman with the shaggy black hair, the I-dare-you eyeliner, and the you-can't-handle-me red lipstick was lying on his living room rug with her hair rumpled, her make-up washed away from shower sex, and his cum running down her ass.

She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
Obviously music plays an important part in this book, did you have a playlist you used for Rock His World? Is it music that you love, or is the music outside your normal selections and you just used the music for inspiration?
Absolutely! I rarely work without iTunes or Spotify playing. In this case, it happens to be music I love (but I love many different kinds). Whatever it is, the music always sets the tone for the book or the lyrics remind me of the characters. In some cases, they even inspire a scene. 

Here's a link to the Spotify playlist I used for Rock His World:

Nice playlist! Saw lots on that list that I love!

So, in what ways are you like Sasha and where do you differ?
We're both very much bad girls, but I'm much sweeter than Sasha underneath. She has real trust issues while I tend to be too trusting. Plus I'm tattoo-free, like Avery.

ROCK HIS WORLD is Book One in the Naughty by Nature series - what can we expect from the next book (or books) in the series?
Different fun locations. Non-traditional bad girls who aren't ashamed of or afraid to explore their sexuality. More than one partner... Sadly, readers will have to wait for that because my "Sweet Tooth" series will be out next. It's tongue in cheek (and everywhere else). The only thing sweet about it is the dessert porn.

Dessert porn...I like the sound of that!

How about some Quick Fire...

Pen or pencil: Pen - lead breaks and smudges

Laptop or desktop: Laptop - I love to write from different locations (even within my house).

Digital or cd: Digital - I mostly make my playlists in Spotify now, as you can see. I'll release the playlist for each book, though this is likely the longest one.

Tea or Coffee: Yes - depends on my mood. When I have coffee, it's with a ton of cream. My favorite teas are Irish Breakfast and Apricot Amaretto.

eBook or Paperback: eBook - Mr. Hancock refused to let me buy more books for him to carry so he bought me an eReader. Now I'm addicted.

Heels or Flats: Heels. Platform heels if I can find comfy ones. They're sort of like the chupacabra. They do exist, but many people haven't seen them and therefore are non-believers.

Wine, beer, or liquor: Yes, again, depending on my mood. Malbec. Stout. Single malt scotch served neat. I don't believe in ruining good whiskey with water or ice.

Class clown or Most Likely to Succeed: Most Likely to Succeed. Taurus + National Honor Society = Watch What Happens If You Tell Me I Can't Do Something

Chris or Liam (Hemsworth brothers): Definitely Chris. (No offense, Liam.)

And lastly...what are the three closest things to you when you look to your left.
1. My iPhone on my favorite general iTunes playlist, currently playing Super-Connected by Belly.
2. My name badge for the Romance Writers of America (RWA) convention. I'm currently in New York at our annual education-fest and awards shindig.
3. The largest suitcase I own filled with business casual outfits that I hope aren't too wrinkled. Don't judge--at least I hung up my dresses.

Thank you for stopping by today, Kristi! And congratulations once again the release of ROCK HIS WORLD!

Sasha Ford lives life her way. Tattooed, pierced, and professionally satisfied, the Seattle music-lover has found her groove. She’s living her dream as a free-spirited graphic artist, but the fearless vixen has grown bored with her booty-calls and is on the prowl for a new conquest. Her trademark black eyeliner and scarlet lips serve as both invitation and warning to any man she pursues.

Seven years of college transformed small-town bad boy Avery Kingston into a super-geek. New to the city with his shiny PhD, he struggles to find his social identity by connecting with his tough guy roots. Attempting to merge his past with his present in the counter-culture, he finds himself in over his head—especially when sexy Sasha drags him into her world of mosh-pits and after-parties.

Sasha only expects a one night stand, but their searing chemistry leads them in a direction she’s less than comfortable with. Confronted with the female version of who Avery thought he could be, Sasha’s sexual advances bring out a carnal need to give as good as he gets. Sasha believes she can't maintain her own identity if she’s in a serious relationship, but Avery wants more than sex from his hot rebel. He must convince her of his love and respect for her fierce independent streak or say goodbye to her forever. Is Avery strong enough to make Sasha break her own rules?

     “I’m Sasha.” The perky voice came from his right.
     Of course she was. A woman who looked like that couldn’t not have an exotic name. Shorter than him with hazel eyes rimmed in onyx, she stared up from under a shaggy mop of blue-black hair. Small silver hoop earrings spanned the edge of her left ear from lobe to tip. Her off-the-shoulder black knit top showcased tattoos covering the length of her right arm. Black skinny jeans disappeared into her scuffed Doc Marten boots—the fashion version of what he purchased at the Army Surplus store. Her vibrant red lips practically begged him to nip at them, and his pulse thrummed with a mix of testosterone and adrenaline.
     “I’m Avery.” He wondered how he missed the woman as she approached him. She studied his eyes. “You like punk?”
     “Usually. I’ve never heard Schlong, but the club’s website said it was a bucket-list band.”
     “Most of the shows here are memorable, but they’re one of my favorites.”
     “Why?” A geek in a wanna-be modern James Dean facade, it was his favorite question.
     “Hmmm. Their music is sort of like a punk-funk mix, plus the band really interacts with the crowd. The energy is infectious and great to dance to, but it’s not your typical mosh pit. It’s,” she paused, “happier.”
     Avery hadn’t been able to hide his widening eyes at the term “mosh pit”—the white water rapids in a river of dancing bodies could suck you under and leave you fighting your way out of the turbulence. He had never been in one but with stories of lost footwear and bloodied noses, so the concept of a “happy” mosh pit lay beyond his comprehension.
     The opening band had finished their set and was breaking down their gear. The countdown clock ticked on their conversation time.
     Sasha continued, “Where are you from?”
     “Not so far away.”
     “Oh. Scratch that.”
     “Technically, an hour outside of Portland.” Where he had been the biggest fish in their tiny pond of bad boys.
     And had absolutely nothing on the people in Seattle, including the woman beside him.
     “What’s it like?”
     “Cold. Very cold. I was thrilled to move here for the rain.”
     “You have no idea. I would rather spend the rest of my life wet and in above freezing temperatures than to shovel snow one more winter.”
     “I can’t imagine. This is the first place I’ve lived that didn’t have bikini weather. But I love it. The people are so real and accepting.”
     Avery nodded politely since he hadn’t been in town long enough to tell.
     Sasha tilted her head. “I think I might like you.” She reached up on her toes, gave him a peck on the lips, and traipsed off toward the stage where Schlong tuned their guitars and tested their bass and drums.

Kristi Hancock became an author of erotica and erotic romance when the characters in her dirty mind demanded to come to life. Creating worlds ranging from the music underground of Seattle to the hot spots of colorful Key West to the vibrant streets of New York City (and the hotel rooms above them), she leads heroes and heroines through intense sexual experiences that transform them into stronger and more confident people. Her racy stories are guaranteed to make you randy.

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