Monday, August 17, 2015

Review - Accidentally Hooked by Carmen Falcone

Accidentally Hooked
by Carmen Falcone
Series: A Naked Truth Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 23, 2015

Exposing the truth has never been naughtier

Ryan Winters will do whatever it takes to protect his sister from marrying a sleaze ball rumored to be the head of a prostitution ring. If that includes bringing down the whole operation, so be it. When he spots a gorgeous hooker, he decides she could be the key for exposing everyone.

Stood up by her identical twin sister once again, Kika Martinez has no idea why the sexiest man she ever laid eyes on mistakes her for a prostitute. It’s wrong, but also part of her most secret—and unrealized—sexual fantasy. Wanting to forget her guilt about her brother’s death just for one night, she gives into temptation and indulges in a hot night of passion.

When Kika discovers her sister’s life is in jeopardy, everything changes. Ryan is set on uncovering the truth, but will he do that at the price of exposing Kika and her sister?

This was a sizzling read that starts off hot and stays that way right until the end! When a case of mistaken identity brings Ryan and Kiki together, what starts as a business arrangement quickly proves to be so much more!

Both Kiki and Ryan are in Vegas trying to make amends for the past. Ryan is determined to keep his sister from marrying a man who may be involved in illegal activities, and Kiki has returned to Vegas to try and rebuild her relationship with her twin sister. As Ryan and Kiki spend time together and their secrets start to come out, both will have to decide if they are willing to take a chance and trust each other – especially when Ryan’s mission to uncover the prostitution ring may put Kiki and her sister behind bars.

This was a quick read that has a lot happening on every page. There is tons of steam and heat between Ryan and Kiki, but there are also some real moments between the characters as they begin to realize that what is a business arrangement is really so much more. Kiki and Ryan are both a bit broken from events in their past, and it was nice to see them slowly reveal some of their scars to one another. The mystery and reveal about the prostitution ring tied up the story nicely, and although we didn’t get to spend too much time with secondary characters, their time in the book added to the storyline.

Another fun read from Carmen Falcone, with a lot of heat and a whole lot of Vegas fun! A great addition to anyone’s TBR list!

I received a copy of this book from the Author for an honest review.

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