Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review - Another Mazzy Monday by Savannah Young and Sierra Avalon

Another Mazzy Monday
by Savannah Young and Sierra Avalon
Series: Tawnee Mountain, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 6, 2015

When the wealthy and charming Drew Graham walks into the Tawnee Mountain Resort where I work and offers me a lucrative part-time job it sounds too good to be true. I just have to pretend to be his fiancée until he wins the election for Governor and then we can go our separate ways. It seems like an easy way to make a hundred thousand dollars…until his brother, Austin, returns from Europe and moves in with us. And I’m completely overwhelmed by my attraction to my fake fiancé’s rebellious younger brother.

What a great read this was – like the other books I’ve read by Savannah Young/Sierra Avalon, I was immediately drawn in to the world and characters she creates and can’t get enough of them. She has a way of making me feel like I've pulled up a barstool and am catching up with old friends.

I just loved Mazzy and her twin Suzie – they were a bit naïve about things, but since they spend their time working and sleeping, it’s not surprising that their world revolves around the resort they work in and the town they live in. When Mazzy literally runs into opportunity, in the form of hot politician Drew Graham, how is she supposed to turn down the offer to be his fake fiancé when it will give her and Suzie the capital they need to make their own dreams come true? And when her attraction to his younger brother threatens her arrangement with Drew, things really start to get interesting!

Let me just say that I loved Austin! He’s my favorite type of character - the black-sheep, motorcycle riding, broken, bad boy that always tugs at my heart strings. After meeting his parents, it was easy to see where most of his issues come from and why he left the country to get away from his “socially perfect” family. But underneath all of the snark and sarcasm, was a sweet, romantic that made you just want to *sigh* and a man who definitely knew what he wanted – which was Mazzy.
“Take it all off,” he insists.

I do as I’m told. First I unsnap my strapless bra and let it fall to the floor. Then I move my hands slowly down my body, caressing myself, before I place my thumbs at the top of my underwear and push them down to join my bra and dress on the floor.

Then I kick off the heels and peel off the stockings.

As his eyes move up and down my body he says, “I changed my mind. Keep the heels on. There are very few things sexier than a naked woman in heels.”
It was also great to catch up with the gang from Olde Town and see what they've been up to. I love the fact that this series connects with the Olde Town series so I don’t have to say goodbye to them quite yet!

These books by Savannah Young are quickly becoming comfort reads for me – just great stories that read well and leave me with a smile at the end. Can’t wait for more!

I was gifted a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.

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