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Review - Exposing Justice by Misty Evans & Adrienne Giordano

Exposing Justice
by Misty Evans & Adrienne Giordano
Series: The Justice Team, #3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 13, 2015

Fans of the Justice Team Series will love this action-packed third installment!

As a Public Information officer for the US Supreme Court, idealist Hope Denby knows how to spin a story. A journalist at heart, she loves being in the middle of a juicy scoop and has her sights set on future Press Secretary for the White House. When the Supreme Court Chief Justice is accidentally killed in a road rage accident, and a high-profile conspiracy blogger claims it was premeditated murder, Hope has to shut down the paranoid blogger—which should be a slam dunk until she discovers he’s not as crazy as she thought and she has more in common with the secretive, hard-hitting investigator then she’d like to admit.

Cyber resistance against government corruption isn’t just a theory for Brice Brennan on his blog, The First Amendment Patriot. As a former ATF agent who blew the whistle on his superiors, he’s no stranger to government cover-ups and scandals. An anonymous tip on the Chief Justice’s death sends him searching for answers. What he finds is a sexy, young idealist about to blow his private, behind-the-scenes world to pieces.

Brice and Hope couldn’t be more opposite, but exposing justice makes them partners—and puts them on the track of a ruthless killer. As their investigation takes them into the dark underbelly of Washington politics and murder-for-hire, it also takes them into the bedroom where passion erupts and emotional walls crumble. But when the killer makes an attempt on Hope’s life, will Brice be able to keep her safe? Or will blowing the whistle on corruption and greed mean losing the one person he’s allowed himself to love?

Sometimes a book just works, and Exposing Justice does just that. There was romance, there was suspense, there was a fabulous story line, and I can’t say enough about the characters that these two authors have created.

I absolutely loved Brice. He’s the perfect mix of alpha male and sexy cyber-nerd, with a dose of action hero thrown in. I loved his wit and sarcasm, especially when it came to dealing with Mitch. It’s easy to see why he prefers working alone and why he tries to keep a low profile, so it was also great seeing him let Hope in to his life and also his blogging world.

I really liked Hope’s character as well, and I found the balance between her youth and inexperience and her recognition of knowing when she’s in over her head and needing help quite refreshing. I liked watching her character mature as the story progressed, adding a dose of reality and experience to her orderly world, and ultimately forcing her to reevaluate her life plan to follow her passion. Hope has always been the positive optimist who always puts a positive spin on everything…which I would normally find totally annoying, but again, that maturity her character goes through as the story unfolds makes me like her even more.

Brice and Hope together were a perfect fit – even though on the surface it looked like they were polar opposites. There was an age difference, Brice is 35 and Hope is 24, but that difference really worked for the two of them. Brice’s jaded outlook and general distrust in the government is certainly warranted, but it was wonderful watching Hope’s optimism and need to see the positive in things have an effect on Brice. And Brice gave Hope that dose of reality she needed to see that sometimes not everyone is as trustworthy as they seem. And although the romance started slow, when these two finally come together it’s hard for them to keep their hands to themselves, which leads to some very hot and steamy times, and I loved that there was often humor thrown in.
     “Are you talking to me or the laptop?” Hope watched the screen, laying her head on his shoulder. “I have issues with being called ‘baby.’”
     The software sped along, latching onto the network and spinning through a decryption algorithm. “That’s because you’re young and I’ve thrown it in your face time after time.”
     “I know. It’s one of your defense mechanisms.”
     He had defense mechanisms she didn’t have a clue about. “Well, just so you know, I was talking to the laptop, not you, so don’t throw a hissy.”
     “A hissy? You haven’t seen me throw a hissy. Trust me.”
     She pinched his leg and he jerked it away, chuckling as he nearly bobbled the laptop. “Hope…trying to work here.”
     She shifted her face to plant light kisses along his neckline. Her right hand latched onto his thigh and stroked down and in. “I’m just trying to help,” she said in that innocent voice that wasn’t innocent at all. It was the sexy voice he’d learned meant only one thing.
     Hope Denby wanted to be fucked.
     She was a nympho. A total freakin’ nymphomaniac.
     How had he gotten so lucky?
The plot was well developed and had enough twists and turns to keep things interesting. It was fast paced, but didn’t rush through the story so it was easy to understand the twists, turns, and intricacies of the plot. I loved the way the Justice Team members (Mitch, Caroline, Teeg, Grey, and Sydney) were woven in to the story, and I am intrigued with Tony Gerard and can’t wait to see what becomes of his character. This book is part of a series, but can easily be read as a stand-alone, but I guarantee that you’ll want to go back and read the other books to find out more about the Justice League.

The writing team of Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano delivers a story with such an easy flow that it makes you wonder how two voices can come together so seamlessly. The dialogue between the characters and continuity of the story line was perfectly orchestrated to deliver a five star read.

This book delivers everything you would want in a romantic suspense and then some. I highly recommend this read and can’t wait to see what comes next!

I received a copy of the book from the authors for an honest review.

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