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Review - A Real Cowboy Never Says No by Stephanie Rowe

A Real Cowboy Never Says No
by Stephanie Rowe
Series: Wyoming Rebels, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 30, 2015

The only reason rancher Chase Stockton and his brothers survived their brutal childhood was because they protected each other. Nothing will ever come between them…until a sudden tragedy calls in a life debt Chase can't ignore, forcing him to make a choice that could destroy the very bonds that hold his family together.

Mira Cabot has never asked for help, but when a sexy, protective cowboy makes her an offer she can't afford to refuse, she finds herself on her way to Wyoming to be the shotgun bride of a man she has every reason…and no reason…to trust.

The sizzling connection between Mira and Chase turns a rescue mission into something dangerously addictive, one that could either heal two broken hearts, or shatter them forever.

This was such a wonderful read! It was emotional and tore at my heart strings but also made me smile and believe in the power of love.

Chase was such a beautifully broken man. His past has been filled with abuse from not only his father, but from the many women who came in and out of his life after his mother was gone. Not only does he fear turning into his father, but the women, who were just as abusive as his father, have made him wary of ever letting a woman into his life. He is bound to his brothers by their shared, scarred past, and everything he does, right down to buying and maintaining the ranch and property he owns, is done with thoughts of keeping his family together. In spite of his past, but more likely because of it, he is an honorable man, with deep core values who is committed to doing the right thing, so when his best friend AJ passes, he knows that even though he has never met her, he must step in to protect AJ’s childhood best friend Mira from becoming the victim of AJ's own abusive, but very wealthy and influential father.

Mira was so strong yet so vulnerable. She’s so used to having to depend on herself that she doesn’t quite know how to let someone in to help her. She’s suffered a series of losses and has been hurt in the past, so trusting doesn’t come easy. When a sexy cowboy shows up offering her sanctuary from AJ’s father and his threats to destroy her, she’s torn between the need to stand on her own and taking the help that AJ had led her down the path to.
“What are you doing?” She didn’t sound mad. Confused. And something else he couldn’t quite decipher. Intrigued? Interested? Burning with need for him? God, he hoped so.

“Cowboys survive on instinct,” he said, sliding his fingers deeper into her hair. Soft, and thick, and so sexy. “It’s all I know. I’m not a thinker. I just listen to my gut and I do.”

She swallowed, and her hand went to his chest, her fingers digging in ever so slightly. “Stop,” she said. “I need to stay focused. You aren’t a knight in shining armor, and you’re not going to rescue me.”

“I’m no knight,” he agreed, spreading his fingers over the back of her head, lightly, ever so lightly, drawing her closer to him. “And you’re much too strong to need to be rescued. But even your dad would say it’s always good to have a backup plan.” And with that, he bent his head and kissed her.
Chase and Mira together were all sorts of wonderful, even as broken and scarred as they were. Their chemistry couldn’t be denied, but with all the issues they both had it was a wonder that either of them gave in. Watching them in the very rare moments when they just let go was truly magical. Unfortunately, the reality of Mira’s situation and Chase’s family were things that couldn’t be avoided.

I loved meeting Chase’s brothers and getting to witness their bond, as well as watch them support each other – even if it meant having to go against everything they thought they believed in. And once they understand that AJ’s father was just like their own, seeing them rally around Mira was just wonderful. The most touching moment was near the end, seeing Mira interact with Chase’s brother Steen – and I can’t wait to read his story.

I truly loved everything about this book and can’t wait to read more from Stephanie Rowe. Her writing style and dialogue were so engaging and her characters seemed so authentic and real. This is definitely one I would recommend!

I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

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