Saturday, July 4, 2015

Review - Running Interference by Elley Arden

Running Interference
by Elley Arden
Series: Cleveland Clash, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 19, 2015

As an offensive linewoman for the Cleveland Clash, Tanya Martin is tough inside and out. The 5’9” beauty can take a hit and keep on going. But when the man she was best friends with—and secretly in love with—in high school comes home the same day she learns her father’s gym is in financial trouble, she’s unexpectedly blindsided.

Super Bowl MVP Cam Simmons is only back in town to convince his mom to move out of her failing neighborhood and live in luxury with him in Boston. But running into Tanya stirs up plenty of old feelings he never resolved. He was happy to leave his old life behind him when he hit the NFL, but walking away from their friendship was a mistake he wants to rectify.

As they work together to help save her dad’s gym, Cam and Tanya’s easy camaraderie and undeniable chemistry resurface. But can she open up enough to trust him with her heart a second time around?

I love sports romances and this book not only has a female athlete as the heroine, she’s also playing a non-traditional female sport – football – which I just love! And throw in the fact that the hero is also a professional football player – an MVP at that – and that the book centers around saving the heroine’s father’s boxing gym, and there was all sorts of fun, sporty, sweaty goodness happening here. Add to it that this is a second chance romance that also has a best friends to lovers theme, and this was one happy girl.

When Cam left the old neighborhood, he slowly cut ties to everything back home – including the ties to his best friend Tanya. Tanya has never forgiven Cam for breaking her heart, and now that he’s come back to town in the off-season even all that hurt can’t cover up the intense attraction these two have for each other. And when Tanya’s dad needs help saving his gym, Cam insists on helping any way he can – even if it means being the main attraction at a bachelor auction to raise funds.

One of my favorite things about this book has to do with the deep family connections that both Tanya and Cam have. Even though both haven’t had perfect childhoods – Cam’s is still dealing with his father abandoning the family and Tanya is still trying to bring her parents together even though they've been divorced for years – you can really feel all the love in these families. And once more of the story behind each of these families was revealed, it just made me love them more. Traditional or not, these families embodied all the important aspects of being a family.

This was a good quick read that had some heat and some sweet, and even some laughs. A definite must read for any sports romance fans!


  1. Oh that's really great. I love she's an athlete and not a traditional one.

  2. It's fun to read something different - I love my sports romances and between the football and the boxing this had lots to like!


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