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Angels Fly by @Donna_Simonetta - Promo Tour @MoBPromos

Angels Fly
by Donna Simonetta
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Release Date: July 1, 2016

Two years after her husband’s death, Kelly believes her romantic life is done. Until she reconnects with her girlhood crush on social media, and as fate would have it, he lives across the street.

James is over the whole true-love thing. His grasping ex-wife tore that belief out of him, when she left him for a rich, old man. Then he finds out his first love moved to San Diego too, and their attraction burns as hot as ever.

What they don’t know is that Fate didn’t bring them together – the Guardian Angel Corps did, led by two unlikely Cupids – Kelly’s late husband and Zane, a rough and tumble, 19th century cowboy. When a Fallen Angel decides to tear Kelly and James apart, cherubs and harps aren’t going to cut it, and Zane’s unique skills might be just what they need to get a second chance at their first love.

“Grace and Janie bullied me into signing up on one of those social networks, and I’m wondering if anyone’s tried to get in touch with me.” She flashed a bright smile at her old friend. “I sent a friend request to Susie Davidson, and I want to see if she’s responded.”

“Susie Davidson,” Grace’s voice dripped with disdain. “We didn’t badger you into doing this so you could reconnect with Susie Davidson.”

“Hey, what’ve you got against old Susie? She was an integral part of our nerd squad in high school,” David said. “Right, Kel?”

When she didn’t reply, he glanced over at his old friend to see her frozen at her computer; all the color drained from her face. “Kel, what’s wrong?”

“I didn’t hear from Susie, but I did get a message from James Flynn,” she whispered.

David jumped to his feet and peeked over her shoulder at the computer screen. “Yummy James Flynn from Rye?”

Grace snickered. “Sounds like a sandwich. I’ll have a Yummy James Flynn on rye. Hold the mayo.”

Kelly and David swung their heads in unison to stare at her.

“What? It’s not my fault you two come from a town named after a bread.”

David shook his head mournfully and intoned, “Californians.”

“Native, baby.” The blonde woman grinned playfully. “And don’t you New England Yankees forget it.”

“What does he say, Kel?” David asked with interest.

Kelly gulped. “He wants to get in touch and maybe meet for a drink.” She twisted her head to look up at David, her eyes huge in her pale face. “He lives here, David. In San Diego.”

“Oh. My. God. You have to meet him, and if you don’t, I will,” David said.

He managed to bring a small smile to Kelly’s previously stunned face. “I don’t think you’re his type. Sorry.”

“What do you mean? He prefers brunettes?” David winked. “A man can hope—you don’t have to be such a dream dasher, Kel.”

“Is there a picture?” Grace asked, as she strolled over with her wine. “I’ve got to see the man who’s got David drooling, and you looking like you’re about to pass out.”

“I’m not drooling,” David protested.

“Oh, please, darling.” Grace pretended to wipe the corner of his mouth with a cocktail napkin.

“Okay. Maybe slight droolage, but James Flynn is totally drool-worthy. At least he used to be. Is there a picture of him now?”

Kelly shook her head. “Nope. Not much of anything on his profile, it looks like he just registered.”

David raised his eyebrows. “And he contacted you right away? In-ter-es-ting.”

Grace got the bottle of wine from the terra cotta bottle holder on the kitchen island, which separated Kelly’s computer area from the kitchen in the large open living space. She topped off all of their glasses.

“Call me Nancy Drew, but I sense a mystery here. What’s the story with Yummy James Flynn from Rye?

After years working in the business world, my love of reading led me to get my MLS, and I currently work part-time in a school library, a job that allows me lots of time to explore my other love - writing romance! I live in Maryland, with my husband, who is my real-life romance hero. We both enjoy traveling to visit our far-flung family and friends, and spending time on the beach with an umbrella drink and a good book.

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