Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Werewolf Whisperer by Camilla Ochlan & Bonita Gutierrez @wwwhisperer - Book Blitz and Giveaway @BookEnthuPromo

The Werewolf Whisperer
by Camilla Ochlan & Bonita Gutierrez
Series: The Werewolf Whisperer, #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: October 7, 2014

Lucy Lowell, The Werewolf Whisperer, and her partner Xochitl MagaƱa are thrown into chaos when the Kyon Virus turns a disturbing number of Angelenos into werewolf-like creatures. As the outbreak expands to epidemic proportions, Lucy’s uncanny ability to control the creatures makes her “the silver lining in our werewolf apocalypse.”

Battling their own personal demons born of family history and bad choices, the women join together in the pursuit of helping those afflicted. But all is not as it seems. Not for Lucy. Not for Xochitl. And not for a society just coming to grips with the new world order.

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Also in the Series - Pre-Order Now!

Book 2: Beast Out of Hell - Available August 12

Camilla Ochlan
Camilla Ochlan: Separate of The Werewolf Whisperer series, Camilla has written The Seventh Lane, a mythpunk fantasy short, and is working on the forthcoming YA series Of Cats and Dragons, as well as a nonfiction dog­training manual.

In collaboration with her husband, Camilla has written and produced a number of short films, including the suburban ghost story Dog Breath and the recent 20/20 Hindsight.

A dog mom and cat servant, Camilla shares the house with three sweet rescue dogs and two rascally Abyssinian cats.

Bonita Gutierrez
Abyssinian cats. Bonita Gutierrez: Bonita found her way to the stage at the early age of five. After college, she moved to Los Angeles to get into "The Biz." Over the years, she's played many roles from actor to producer, screenwriter to filmmaker — and now novelist.

A mixed martial artist, Bonita has a background in Jeet Kune Do Kung Fu (Bruce Lee's art), Kenpo Karate MMA and Kali Escrima (stick and knife fighting). An avid runner, student of film and lover of music, Bonita is a self­proclaimed hamburger connoisseur with a passion for all things Star Wars and Buffy.

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